Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barack Obama - #3575 - Only Obama and Big Green Oppose Keystone Pipeline - The Examiner (2) Obama's Scorn for the Constitution - Real Clear Politics

It's not often that Big Labor's James P. Hoffa and U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue agree on something, but once in a while an issue comes along that unites these two gentlemen. Such an issue is the Keystone XL pipeline that would link refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast and Canada's oil-rich tar sands. All that stands between the start of work and the creation of thousands of good-paying jobs in America is a green light from President Obama. But Obama fears angering thousands of campaign contributors and workers associated with the Big Green environmental movement, which rabidly opposes Keystone. So he's waffled and delayed a decision until after the November 2012 election. But pressure across the political spectrum is steadily growing to persuade Obama to put the needs of thousands of Americans seeking jobs ahead of his own political concerns. In a speech last week, Donohue pointed to the unanimity of unions and the business community in wanting "President Obama to act in the best interests of our national security and our workers and approve the pipeline. We can put 20,000 Americans to work right away and up to 250,000 over the life of the project."  Read more.........

Obama's Scorn for the Constitution - Real Clear Politics - Of course President Obama is not concentrating on campaigning, White House press spokesmen assured us — as the president headed off to Chicago for three fundraisers and a drop-in at his campaign headquarters, two days after a high-roller fundraiser choked off traffic five blocks from the White House, with the assistance of a score of D.C. police cars.  No one, or at least no one who is paying attention, is fooled. It’s standard presidential procedure to say you’re not absorbed in campaigning even as you go out to raise money every other day. Bill Clinton, in my view, spent an undue amount of time fundraising, George W. Bush spent more, and Barack Obama makes them both look like pikers. So Obama’s scorn for the truth in this regard is only a minor matter. His scorn for the Constitution is something else.  That scorn has been expressed most recently in his “recess” appointments of members of the National Labor Relations Board and the chairmanship of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The quotation marks are appropriate because when he made the appointments the Senate was not in recess as the Constitution requires.  Read more........   Steve Peters Commentary:  At the Constitutional Convention in 1787 a citizen asked Benjamin Franklin if we had settled on a republic or monarchy form of government. Franklin told her, "a republic if you can keep it!" Under Obama's imperial presidency the rule of law has been tossed aside and the Constitution now means whatever best suits his political agenda. The Courts and Congress have done little to stop this power grab. Obama's judgement day will come at the ballot box in November when Americans cast their verdict on his hijacking of the Constitution.

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