Monday, January 23, 2012

Ameritopia: - #3592 - VIDEO: Mark Levin: Utopians Must Destroy the Family - Human Events

Mark Levin: Utopians Must Destroy the Family - Human Events - “With all these utopian models, you have to destroy the family because you have to destroy individual sovereignty,” Levin told HUMAN EVENTS. That’s why today’s liberals place such an emphasis on expanding public education, he noted. It charges the state, not the parents, with molding and sculpting the attitudes and character of young minds. At the heart of that molding, argues Levin, is an attack on affluent and industrious individuals. “One of the things the utopians do in order to push their statist society is they have to attack successful people. They have to attack independent, industrious people. Because if they don’t, then it disproves their entire enterprise.”  Why is that? Would you want to fundamentally transform a society that’s working, one that’s functional and creates the environment for upward mobility? Certainly, the utopian may still want that society dissolved, but the task becomes increasingly difficult because the people aren’t on his side. Success is infectious, after all! And that’s where the sabotage comes in to play, said Levin.   “[Leftists] are trying to say that society stinks. You can’t succeed in this society. So you cannot point to successful people, independent people, [and] industrious people because that shows if you work hard enough, or if you think hard enough, or if you pursue your interests, then you can actually succeed in this society. “The class warfare you hear today is taken right out of the Communist Manifesto.”  Read entire article........

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