Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tim Tebow - #3484 - Why Tim Tebow Keeps Smiling - Heritage Foundation

When Pam Tebow was counseled to abort her baby to save her own life, the doctor referred to him as a “mass of fetal tissue.”  “(M)aybe she just called me that to toughen us up for the names I would be called the first time I played at LSU,” Tim Tebow, who became the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback for the University of Florida, writes in his 2011 book “Through My Eyes.”  Now that Tebow is a Denver Bronco and under intense scrutiny in the role of starting quarterback, his congenital instinct to push through adversity and ignore the naysayers is again at work.  “Polarizing” is the sports commentariat’s typical term to describe national reaction to Tebow since he went pro. The negativity flows in part from his initially rocky performance. But much more seems to be reaction to Tebow’s Christian faith. Critics want him to keep it to himself, a pattern that is increasingly common in American public life.  Of course, there’s already plenty of God-talk in professional football. (Type “Green Bay Packers” into Twitter and see how many players give God a shout out in their profiles.)  Talking is one thing. Walking the talk is another. That’s where Tim Tebow stands out. Born in the Philippines to missionary parents, he not only is outspoken about his faith, referencing it frequently in word and symbol – such as biblical citations in his eye black. He’s also as intense about living out his faith as he is about playing football – and winning.  Read more........

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