Friday, December 30, 2011

Presidential Elections 2012 - #3530 - Dear Republican Party of Virginia: I Hereby Retract my Signature on Romney - Virginia Right (2) Why is No One Attacking Romney? -National Journal

This is an open letter to Pat Mullins, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia - from Thomas White: 
Dear Chairman Mullins;
When I was initially asked to sign a petition to place Mitt Romney’s name on the Virginia Republican Primary ballot this past summer, I declined. My explanation was that I did not support Mitt Romney at that time. In fact, I did not support any particular candidate. I was met with scowls and reminded that it was simply a formality and it is proper Republican etiquette to sign any and all requests to place a Republican candidate on the Primary ballot. And all I was attesting to was that I would be voting in the Republican Primary in March.  And while I still refused to sign, I took the matter under advisement and gave my position careful consideration and much thought. And since I could see no circumstance where I would not be voting in the March Primary (as long as I was physically able to do so) and I desire Virginia’s Primary process to be open to all who wish access, I softened my position. And the next time I was asked to sign a Romney Petition, I did so.  But my signature was based on the assumption that this primary would be handled exactly the same as past Virginia Republican Presidential Primaries.  But now I find that in October, after the Romney Campaign secured my signature, the rules were changed in such a way that Romney would not be subjected to the same scrutiny as the other candidates who turned in the requisite number of signatures.  Unfortunately, the change in rules was not disclosed until after the signatures were counted. Or if they were, I was not notified of the change. Had I been notified prior to the closing date, I would have asked that my signature be removed from the Romney petition.  Further, had I been aware of the implications my signature might serve to allow Romney, or any other candidate, to be held to a different standard than the others, I would have most definitely continued to refuse to sign his petition. Or any petition of a candidate which I did not support...........The Republican Party of Virginia should know better than to change the rules after the signatures were gathered. This is akin to changing the terms of a contract after signing. Read more.......  AW:  I had a similar experience, as I was asked to sign petitions on several occasions for Herman Cain, which I declined.  It didn't make sense to me to sign a petition for someone I would not support in the Virginia Primary.  What has happened in Virginia, validates my inclination at the time to only sign a Petition for someone I would be voting for in the actual Primary.

Why is No One Attacking Romney? - National Journal - Mitt Romney's confidence is brimming. The former governor, now widely seen as the favorite to win Iowa, announced Wednesday he'll stay in the Hawkeye State the night of the caucus, a clear indication he anticipates a good result. If he does capture Iowa, he'll head into New Hampshire, long his political stronghold, with a chance to become the first non-incumbent GOP presidential candidate ever to win the first two primary contests - a back-to-back triumph that would all but secure the nomination.  So, naturally, his Republican rivals have spent the last week castigating him on the trail and eviscerating him on TV, all in a desperate attempt to slow down his momentum and keep their own campaigns viable. Right? No - they've nearly done the opposite............And it's not as though Romney, his past rooted in blue-state Massachusetts, didn't supply his opponents plenty of ammunition. They have the bullets; they're just not firing them. Read more.........

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