Friday, December 16, 2011

Presidential Elections 2012 - #3497 - American Crossroads Ad Shows Clear Path to Electoral Victory for the GOP - Hot Air

This ad is clearly intended to be a “yes, we can” kind of message to anyone who wants to oust Obama in 2012. It features a candid Karl Rove reminding viewers that the 2012 elections are especially important, emphasizing that Obama needs to go and exhorting voters to “get this done.”  But the ad is also a little ominous, as it highlights the remarkable spending advantage Obama had over John McCain in 2008 — and concretely connects that advantage to his triumphs in certain traditionally Republican states (I’m looking at you, Virginia) and key swing states. The spot calls attention to the little pin that could puncture every inflated hope of the GOP: Campaigns — and how they’re conducted — matter. In many ways, money is the animating force of elections.  Sure, we can point to Newt Gingrich’s rise in the Republican primaries as evidence that a candidate with poor organization and practically-empty campaign coffers can overcome better-organized and better-funded candidates. But we ignore organization — and we ignore campaign cash — at our own peril.  Read more.........

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