Thursday, December 1, 2011

Occupy Charlottesville - #3458 - UPDATE: VIDEO ADDED - PHOTOS - 99% Trash: Occupy Charlottesville's Lee Park Landfill - Schilling Show Blog (2) VIDEO of Occupy Charlottesville Eviction by Police - 11/30/11

Despite numerous promises to the contrary, Occupy Charlottesville (OC) left Lee Park in far worse condition than they found it. An October 17 Daily Progress story trumpets the lawless group’s intentions for the park, if they are granted special permission to camp there: Occupy Charlottesville protesters asked the City Council on Monday to suspend the 11 p.m. curfew in Lee Park, which they are occupying. Speakers from the group said that they feel the group is within the spirit, if not the letter, of the law, in that they want to keep the park safe, clean and healthy. [emphasis added] A November 19 OC Facebook posts again states the group’s objective to maintain the park: We will be having group park clean-up over the next few days to get the park neat and shiny: Tonight at 6pm, Sunday 10am, and Monday 10am. Feel welcome to stop by and pitch in whenever you can though. The to-do list includes: Trash/recycling/compost disposal, Common tent re-organization, Leaf raking, Sign posting, General pick up, additional seating. Any more needs we can be sure to cover? [emphasis added] The Special Events Permit issued to Occupy Charlottesville clearly delineates the group’s practical and financial responsibilities upon their departure:  Any damage to park shrubbery, flower beds and or trees resulting from your organization’s special event will require reimbursement for any repairs or replacement.  Participants will be responsible for cleaning up the park area after the event.  Charlottesville City Public Works crews were on hand at Lee Park shortly after 7:00 this morning, attempting to deterg the site prior to public observation of the Occupiers’ reproach—an aftermath of filthy refuse. While the fraction is the same, the numbers have been flipped. When it comes to bearing the financial burden for restoring Lee Park to usable condition, 1% made the mess, but 99% will pay to clean it up. View the Lee Park “trashed” pictures that Charlottesville City doesn’t want you to see:  

Video of Occupy Charlottesville When Evicted by Police - 11/30/11 - I am so surprised as evidenced by the photos above, this group acted this way when the time came for eviction. The robotic chanting back by the group in repetition doesn't show much individual thought, or promises made to leave the park in the condition they found it, instead of the mess above.

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