Thursday, November 10, 2011

Virginia State Elections 2011 - #3400 - VIDEO: Rush Limbaugh: Bob McDonnell Exudes Confidence (2) Elections Nationwide Yield Mixed Results - Citizen Link (3) Senate Controlled Redistricting Failed to Save Houck's Seat - Daily Progress

RUSH: But the dirty little secret of yesterday is that in the state of Virginia -- which is the bellwether. You know, people talk about Ohio, but Virginia is a bellwether. It was said, among all the analysts, the Charlie Cooks of the world and these people that make their living predicting the outcome of elections and the meaning, it was said before the election that Virginia will determine what happens in 2012. Well, let's tell you what happened in Virginia. The Republicans picked up six or seven seats in the assembly, they increased their majority, they picked up two Senate seats -- meaning the state Senate is now split evenly in Virginia so that the lieutenant governor, as a Republican, will break tie votes. This includes no reason Virginia which is all of these federal workers, where the annual income is twice what private sector workers make. It is big, what happened in Virginia, and I think it overrides the loss in Ohio.

MSNBC this morning on Scarborough's show, the governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell. Scarborough said, "You said there's some good news in Virginia. Tell us about it." MCDONNELL: Last night we won at least eight legislative seats, picked up six to eight in the House of Delegates -- which was the highest number, total of Republican seats in the Virginia house that we've ever had in history: 66 to 68 seats out of a hundred. We picked up two seats in the Senate. So the Senate now is 20-20 with a Republican tie-break vote giving the Republicans effective control. So it was a huge win; I think it was a repudiation of many of the president's policies. RUSH: You don't hear much about Bob McDonnell, but he's running, either -- I forget -- a surplus or a deficit that's so tiny. Virginia is going gangbusters compared to most states in the country, and it's going Republican all the while. And here's McDonnell. He's even more upbeat about Ohio than Kasich was!   AW:  Great video and article, please watch. Read entire article.......

Elections Nationwide Yield Mixed Results - Citizen  Link - A close race for the Virginia Senate ended in a 20-20 split early this morning, but Republicans have a slight upper hand in the state, given that the Lieutenant Governor, who is also a Republican, votes to break any ties in the chamber.  And that one-vote margin could make a world of difference in the next legislative session on issues conservatives have been pushing for years.  “It’s tighter than we would have wanted, but we’ll take it,” said Victoria Cobb, executive director of The Family Foundation. “This will be the first time we could have committees controlled by Republicans, which is a big deal to us.”  Though Virginia has seen 20-20 party ties in the past, they generally have resulted in power-sharing arrangements, with Democrats being assigned control of some Senate committees and Republicans others. But at press time, Republicans were contemplating the possibility of avoiding a power-sharing structure altogether.  “We’re used to fighting an uphill battle in the Senate,” said Cobb, “but the hill just got a little less steep.”  In addition to possibly taking control of the committees, the chamber replaced two moderate Republicans with social conservatives. Two pro-life Democrats also retained their seats, making the prospects of moving legislation in the next session that’s previously been blocked a little brighter.
Some of those bills include measures to: require ultrasounds before abortions; add preborn children to the wrongful death statute; create a low-income tax-credit school choice program; and protect religious freedom in the public square.  Read more........

Senate Controlled Redistricting Failed to Save Houck's Seat - Daily Progress - Democrats redrew state Senate district lines in advance of Tuesday’s General Assembly elections, pushing longtime Democratic incumbent Edd Houck’s district into Albemarle County. The new alignment gave him a cluster of strongly Democratic precincts, but may have fallen one short of keeping him in office.  Though a recount appears likely, Houck lost to Republican Bryce Reeves by just 224 votes, and now Democrats stand to lose control of the Senate, their last stronghold in state government.  “The old cliché, ‘hindsight is 20-20,’ really applies here,” said Larry J. Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics. “A single additional precinct from Albemarle, put in Houck’s district, with a GOP precinct swapped out at another boundary point of District 17, would have saved Houck and the entire Democratic Senate. [Sen. R.] Creigh Deeds certainly could have afforded to cede that precinct, given his large reelection majority."  Deeds handily won the 25th Senate district, which also includes part of Albemarle  “The best-laid plans of mice, men and redistricters can go awry, and the 2011 election proves it. The single greatest advantage Democrats had was the power to redistrict Senate seats, but they failed to protect Houck enough — by a smidgen.” Read more..........  AW:  I love how this article is written from only the view of Democrats, nothing mentioned about the outstanding campaign Reeves ran in order to overcome the Senate redrawing the of 17th District.  They only complain they should have added ONE more precinct.

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