Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Virginia State Elections 2011 - #3399 -UPDATED ON REEVES TOTALS: Republicans Take Virginia Senate - Pick up 7 Seats in the House - Virginia Right

Actually, it is a 20 – 20 tie, but our Republican Lt. Governor will cast the tie votes, which means that the Senate is in Republican hands and the Democrats stone wall has been torn down. Decent legislation can now be sent to the Governor for his signature.  There was an error in the totals reported for Republican Bryce Reeves in Senate District 17 and it appeared that the Democrats would hold a 21 – 19 advantage.  A correction has given Reeves a victory by a margin of 86 votes!  At a rally in Newport News last Saturday, the possibility of a 20 – 20 tie would essentially make Lt. Governor Bolling the most powerful man in Virginia. (He made sure that Goveronr McDonnell heard that!)  State Republican Party Chairman Pat Mullins remarked that he had spoken to Jean Ann Bolling (the Lt. Governor’s wife) and neither Mullins nor Jean Ann were comfortable with Bill being the most powerful man in Virginia, so the only option was to pick up 21+ seats.  That didn’t happen. So we are going to have to live with a very powerful Lt. Governor for the immediate future.  My prayers go out to Mrs. Bolling. The woman is a Saint!

In all seriousness, this is a banner day for Virginia and Governor McDonnell who can finally put his good ideas to work without the Democrats in the Senate killing anything that is even remotely conservative.  I would hope that the same tactics the Democrats used to kill Republican bills are employed for any bills that Democrats try to pass. Normally, Republicans are not inclined to return shabby rule breaking by Democrats in kind when it is their turn to govern. But that is exactly why the Democrats are willing to break the rules when they are in charge. They are sure that Republicans will not be as nasty as they are.  In the interest of fair play, I hope Republicans will return the favors of the last few sessions.  This was a great day for Republicans and Virginians.  For Democrats, not so much!  Republicans also picked up 7 seats in the House where Democrats were already an endangered species. Now, they are completely irrelevant.  Welcome to Red Virginia.


 Bryce Reeves 
Thank you all so very much for the nice words. All looks great and solid on the numbers now, no rational reason Edd should ask for a recount
 Bryce Reeves 
New margin is 228 votes, up from 86 this morning.
 Bryce Reeves 
Update: Spotsy canvass discovered an additional vote increase of 144 votes for us. No other discrepancies reported in any other precincts!

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