Monday, November 7, 2011

Virginia State Elections 2011 - #3395 - Va. 17th Senate Race-Bryce Reeves - Desperately Ignorant Edd Houck Invokes Thomas Jefferson to Justify Pro-Abortion Voting Record - Schilling Show

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In a November 4 joint appearance with fellow Democrats at the University of Virginia, embattled State Senator Edd Houck (VA-17), made an historical misattribution of significant proportion.  In a desperate attempt to justify his abominable pro-abortion, pro-Planned-Parenthood voting record, Houck invoked Thomas Jefferson as one who would support a woman’s right to “make her own decisions,” as reported by the Daily Progress:  “As we stand here in front of Mr. Jefferson’s Rotunda, one of the principles that Jefferson always espoused was individual liberties and individual freedom,” Houck said. “Well guess what, my opponent made it very clear in a debate last night that he stands squarely opposite of what I believe and what Mr. Jefferson believes: that a woman has the personal freedom to make her own decisions.” [emphasis added]  Principled men of Jefferson’s day never would have supported abortion on demand as Houck does. They recognized that children were a gift from God—not a “punishment” and not to be bodily sacrificed at the altar of personal convenience.  But Houck also got it wrong in attributing to Jefferson a favorable outlook on women’s “personal freedom. In fact, Jefferson pictured a woman’s place as in the home caring for her children. He also opposed American women taking an active role in politics as he’d observed French women doing in their homeland. A letter to George Washington made clear Jefferson’s position on women in politics:  Read more.......

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