Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission - #3378 - Subversive Sustainabilists: Communists and Marxists Infiltrate Albemarle County Government - Schilling Show Blog (2) Blacksburg Denies Following United Nation's Orders - Va. Green Menace (3) Blacksburg Council Tweaks Comprehensive Plan for Urban Growth - Roanoke Times (4) Abingdon Votes Out ICLEI - Virginia Right


In its million-dollar maniacal pursuit to implement the 1998 Sustainability Accords in Albemarle County and Charlottesville, the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) has operated as an enemy of free people, threatening individual liberties and property rights endowed us by our Creator.  Concurrently, Albemarle County Supervisor Dennis Rooker has scoffed at suggestions that United Nations ideology—promoted by homegrown internationalists and foreign agents—is infiltrating local government with a goal of undermining foundational American principles.  Despite being presented with incontrovertible evidence of such, Rooker has kept his head firmly planted beneath the comfortable sands of self-imposed ignorance. But facts affirm the accusation, and now, additional evidence is surfacing that dangerous infiltration is ongoing locally.

Over the objections of Rooker and Board of Supervisors’ chair, Ann Mallek, the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) recently was ejected from Albemarle County. Rooker pleaded for the County to retain ICLEI membership, touting numerous benefits without strings attached:  “It’s not a part of the United Nations. It’s not supported by the U.N. and it’s not governed by the U.N.,” Rooker said. “We have a tool that staff says is helpful, is inexpensive and that cannot be replaced by anything else that’s out there.”  Provably, Rooker was dead wrong about the lack of relationship between the two entities. Perhaps he might have been swayed on the ICLEI/Sustainability threat had he known that Jie Wu (aka Megan Wu)—the former ICLEI representative to Albemarle County—was (or is) a government official of the People’s Republic of (Communist) China. Her online biography lists her service to the PRC in their Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Wu was trained as a linguist at a university subordinate to the PRC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There is no evidence that Wu has renounced her Communist Chinese citizenship or forsworn her allegiance to the PRC, and yet, through Albemarle County’s ICLEI membership, Wu received carte blanch access to sensitive, local government operational information and data.  Wu and ICLEI may be gone (for now), but Koren Manning remains. Hired by TJPDC Executive Director, Stephen Williams, Manning is a paid employee of the organization, responsible for Livability Partnership website maintenance, social media outreach, and data analysis among other duties.  Read more.........

Blacksburg Denies Following United Nation's Orders - Virginia Green Menace - For those of you following the “sustainable development” and “urban development” debate — common-sense planning tool or one-world government from the United Nations? — you have two choices today. There’s this report from The Roanoke Times on Blacksburg Town Council “tweaking” its comprehensive plan. Ignoring repeated protests from property owners, at the August 9th meeting the Blacksburg Town Council approved incorporating eight Urban Development Areas into the master Comprehensive Plan. Although not required to approve the state mandated UDA’s until July 2012, the Council ignored requests to defer the action amid pleas for more public knowledge and debate........Outraged that Sustainable Blacksburg members received an email alert to attend the meeting in support of the Council’s pre-determined decision to adopt the ordinance while the stronger showing of property owners had been blatantly denied the opportunity to be on the Agenda to voice their concerns about the effects on property values prior to the vote. The Council also defends their arbitrary decision to join the “Cool Cities” alliance as well as adopt the “Sustainable Blacksburg” initiative, despite the lack of input from residents.  Denied the democratic process and the opportunity to document their case, property owners question the Town Council motto, “Blacksburg is a special place”.  Read entire article........

Blacksburg Council Tweaks Comprehensive Plan for Urban Growth - Roanoke Times - Blacksburg Council Tuesday tweaked its "Blacksburg 2046" comprehensive plan with a move that was legally required, but irked some meeting attendees.  The Code of Virginia was amended in 2007 to require high growth jurisdictions to designate urban development areas into their comprehensive plans. Blacksburg staff and planning calculations project 342 acres of designated urban development land in town by 2030.  The Planning Commission and Long Range Planning Commission recommended approval last month after meetings and public hearings were held over the past few months. Council's vote was unanimous.  Montgomery County complied with the state last month, while Christiansburg must adopt its urban development areas by July 1, 2013.  Those who spoke voiced concern that Blacksburg was forced to make this change, and that it would find itself with overpopulation problems seen in states such as California.  Read more..........

Abingdon Votes Out ICLEI - Virginia Right - I am informed by Catherine Turner of the SWVA Tea Party that Abingdon has decided NOT to renew their ICLEI membership!  Good afternoon Mr. Macbeth. I understand from Cecile that you have requested to be on the November Council agenda to discuss the status of the Town’s membership in ICLEI. In that regard, please note that I did not renew the Town’s membership for the upcoming year due to our lack of use of the carbon foot printing software that was available to us through ICLEI. Accordingly, Abingdon is not a member for the upcoming year. Let me know if this adequately addresses the inquiry that you have relative to this issue.

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