Sunday, November 27, 2011

Religious Freedoms - #3445 - 5 Junctures in U.S. History for Which We can be Thankful - Baptist Press

EDITOR'S NOTE: Baptist Press asked one of its regular contributors, Stephen Wilson, vice president for academic affairs at Mid-Continent University, to select five junctures in U.S. history that are cause for thanksgiving. BP acknowledges the limitations of selecting five junctures and looks forward to Dr. Wilson writing about additional moments in history in future Thanksgiving columns.
On this Thanksgiving our formal prayers will almost certainly include a reference about "living in a free country." Indeed, we have much to be thankful for in this regard. Nevertheless, we often fail to recognize the Almighty's hand in American history. We have been impacted by God's special hand in promoting American exceptionalism. The American experience has been unique, and while we make no claims about God's future blessings on the United States, we can see His intervention at various junctures in our past to both ensure His will and promote blessings for the American people.  In fact, it is hard to choose just five junctures in American history for which Americans should be thankful, and many Christian historians of American history will certainly disagree about my choices. Yet, these junctures both molded the American experience and have given us long-term blessings. We can be very thankful that the Almighty was present in all these junctures. 1. The founding and settlement of the American colonies by religious dissenters. 2. The American Revolution and constitutional guarantees of freedom. 3. The preservation of the American state and the Civil War. 4. The defeat of the Axis powers in World War II. 5. The great economic expansion of the late 20th century. Read details on each one of these important moments in American History.......

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