Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy Charlottesville - #3453 - Occupy Charlottesville Faces Lee Park Showdown With City Officials - Schilling Show Blog

Secret negotiations deep within the bowels of Charlottesville City Hall reportedly aim to see the imminent ousting of Occupy Charlottesville from Lee Park to a less conspicuous location.  Growing pressure from the North Downtown Residents Association and frustrated downtown businesses and merchants—all of whom are tired of the Occupation’s negative impact on their lives and livelihoods—finally has forced reluctant Charlottesville City Councilors to make a decision on the future of Lee Park. In a November 28 Daily Progress article, Mayor Dave Norris stated that permission for a 24/7 encampment will end soon.  Unwilling to take a public vote on the subject of the ongoing Occupation, City Council is desperately seeking a painless exit from their self-created political quagmire. McIntire Park has been suggested as a new, less offensive commorancy, but on their own web site, Occupiers have expressed concern that the location:
Does not offer free wi-fi
Is not pedestrian friendly
Is too far from soup kitchens
Does not fit the Constitutional definition of a public forum
With such backlash against McIntire, city administrators clandestinely have proposed relocating the Occupiers to the George Rogers Clark (GRC) statue site, adjacent to the University of Virginia and the Corner.  City Hall officials have contacted management at the Red Roof Inn—located in the immediate vicinity of the alternate destination—to alert them to the prospect of new “neighbors” in the ‘hood. Red Roof management has expressed concern over potential crime and sanitation issues, as well as negative business impacts, should the Occupation migrate to the Corner.  Read entire article........

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