Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ken Boyd - Albemarle County Board of Supervisors - #3396 - Daily Progress Endorses Ken Boyd (R) for Rivanna District BOS - Daily Progress

**Don't Forget to Vote Tuesday, November 8, 2011 - Your Vote is Very Important**

Daily Progress Editorial:  In the Rivanna District, the race between incumbent Ken Boyd and challenger Cynthia Neff has boiled down, in the eyes of some, to a referendum on the U.S. 29 Western Bypass. To the extent that a single issue drives some voters, that is not a healthy development — and we’re sure the candidates agree, no matter how strongly each feels about his or her stand on the bypass.  For the record, The Daily Progress agrees essentially with the Boyd position: that the current bypass is hardly ideal but some manner of bypass is needed to relieve traffic. The timing is right, the money is there and the political will is aligned from county to state levels. We can’t afford to wait; we have to take the best deal available.  But that is not solely, or even primarily, why The Progress is endorsing Ken Boyd.  First, a nod to Ms. Neff. The energy, effort and enthusiasm she has put into her bid are noteworthy, as is her broad-ranging interest in the many issues facing the county. It is encouraging to know that Albemarle can attract such candidates of quality.  But the county and its residents can ill afford to lose Mr. Boyd and his consistent, practical and common-sense insistence on the highest levels of government efficiency and the lowest possible level of taxes for property owners.  We’ve said it before; unfortunately, in this recession, conditions haven’t changed: Many people are just hanging on. These include not only fixed-income senior citizens but also middle-class people whose jobs have been cut or whose businesses are stumbling.  Mr. Boyd has been their advocate time and time again, finding reasonable, practical ways to save county dollars through efficiency — without staff layoffs, unlike many other governments and businesses.  That dedication to the task, and that practical knowledge (Mr. Boyd is a financial planner by profession), continue to be sorely needed.  We also appreciate his work toward making the county more business-friendly — not wide open to any proposal that comes down the road, but welcoming to companies that can provide and keep good jobs for county residents.

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