Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jim Norwood - #3380 - VIDEO: Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Forum - Scottsville District: Jim Norwood - Charlottesville Tomorrow and Daily Progress, Monticello High School - Welborn Freedom Watch

Jim Norwood - Albemarle County Board of Supervisor's Candidate Forum - Scottsville - Charlottesville Tomorrow and The Daily Progress - In this clip, 
 (1) two yes/no answers on the Western-By-Pass and if they would vote to raise property taxes. Jim Norwood supports the ByPass, Chris Dumler does not. On Taxes, Jim Norwood states he would not vote to raise taxes, and Chris Dumler says he would consider it.

(2) Jim Norwood explains why he supports the By-Pass  

(3) In the Candidate to Candidate question session, Jim Norwood asks: There has been a lot of talk about who is best suited to carry the torch left by the incumbent Lindsay Dorrier. You stated you would vote as Lindsay would vote, yet you have publicly stated you would not support the Western By-Pass which Lindsay voted for. Furthermore, when reviewing your campaign donor list, your donors are more in line with the known liberals like Cynthia Neff, as you both share the same major donors. When examining Lindsay Dorrier's donor list from 4 years ago when he ran, you'll find that the same people who supported Lindsay are, in fact, supporting me. In fact my top 7 donors were Lindsay's top 7 donors from 4 years ago. How can conservative and independent minded voters trust that you will vote in line with Lindsay Dorrier and break from your supporters like David Slutsky and Cynthia Neff? Chris Dumler's answer: What I did say that I would vote as Lindsay would vote, meaning that I would go around and listen to everyone's interests, that I would go around and knock on doors, that I would talk to people in Scottsville, Mill Creek, and Monticello and listen to their concerns and crafting a solution.  

(4) Jim Norwood's closing remarks, total 6:49.

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