Monday, November 21, 2011

Barack Obama and the Unions - #3431 - Obama - NLRB Rushing to Issue Ambush Elections on November 30 - Redstate

It seems that Friday afternoons are always the time to drop job-killing news on America’s job creators. In this case, the union appointees within Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board have issued a press release stating they will be issuing their final rule on ambush elections on November 30th. In mid-June, the union-controlled NLRB issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making on the procedures governing NLRB-conducted elections. Despite the fact that unions already win more than 60% of all secret-ballot elections and the median time frame between a union petition for and election and the election itself is 38 days, the proposed rule change would like shorten that time drastically, creating an “ambush” union campaign on targeted employers and employees. When the NLRB’s union appointees issued the notice, it was met with a tremendous outcry from America’s employers, as well as the sole GOP member at the NLRB. Read more.......

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