Monday, November 14, 2011

Barack Obama - #3412 - Smallpox: Cost, Need Question in $433 Million Smallpox drug Deal - LA Times

Another deal favoring a longtime donor to the Democratic Party, another small point ........ Andy Stern, former head of SEIU Union, joined the company in 2010.

Over the last year, the Obama administration has aggressively pushed a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work. Senior officials have taken unusual steps to secure the contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world's richest men and a longtime Democratic Party donor. When Siga complained that contracting specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services were resisting the company's financial demands, senior officials replaced the government's lead negotiator for the deal, interviews and documents show...... The contract calls for Siga to deliver 1.7 million doses of the drug for the nation's biodefense stockpile. The price of approximately $255 per dose is well above what the government's specialists had earlier said was reasonable, according to internal documents and interviews......If there were an attack, the government could draw on $1 billion worth of smallpox vaccine it already owns to inoculate the entire U.S. population and quickly treat people exposed to the virus. The vaccine, which costs the government $3 per dose, can reliably prevent death when given within four days of exposure. Read more.......  Steve Peters: WE may not need the drug, but OBAMA needs the half billion dollars of other people's money to pay back the support of a high end donor. Obama is using the treasury has an ATM campaign machine......why not, it's not costing him anything. When you add up all the paybacks with taxpayers money including Soylndra green energy loans, union labor give backs, and the cost of his "non-campaign magical bus and air tours", Obama's campaign for reelection may already have cost the American Taxpayers in excess of $100,000,000,000! The Obama "Stimulus funds", not only cost $278,000 per job created, but is now causing the loss of jobs in our country. Would it not be less expensive and painful for all concerned to just bribe Obama with a couple hundred Billion dollars of taxpayers money to just not run for reelection?

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