Monday, October 3, 2011

Tea Con 2011 - #3292 - VIDEO: Glenn Beck - 'Educate, Inspire and Activate': Midwest Tea Partiers Gather for Major Political Convention - The Blaze

Glenn Beck: 'Educate, Inspire and Activate': Midwest Tea Partiers Father for Major Political Convention - The Blaze - It’s a big weekend for the Tea Party, as members are convening in Schaumburg, Illinois, for a major political convention. The event, called TeaCon 2011, is intended to mobilize small government enthusiasts just in time for the 2012 presidential campaign. The Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel is hosting the influential gathering, which was organized by WIND 560AM, a local talk ratio station. The political festivities kicked off on Friday night and are scheduled to continue throughout Saturday evening. In sum, an expected 1,000 attendees have likely turned out. Organizers describe the gathering as follows: …a unique event that will seek to educate, inspire, and activate. We’re calling it TeaCon2011, and we’ll be partnering with Tea Party groups from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri to equip and motivate activists and voters for the upcoming election season. Glenn Beck: Part 2......, Part 3......., Part 4.......,  Part 5......, Read more......

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