Friday, October 21, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #3347 - VIDEO: Thomas Sowell: Herman Cain More Black than Barack Obama - Fox - Real Clear Politics (2) Thomas Sowell: Random Thoughts - Townhall (3)Occupy Wall Street is Certainly No Tea Party - Forbes (4) Obama's Bus Tour Costing Taxpayers Thousands - CBS News

“My gosh, he is certainly one of us far more so than Barack Obama. Raised in Hawaii and going to a private school, an expensive private school," economist Thomas Sowell said on FOX Business.

Thomas Sowell - Random Thoughts - Townhall - Random thoughts on the passing scene:  Like so many people, in so many countries, who started out to "spread the wealth," Barack Obama has ended up spreading poverty.  Have you ever heard anyone as incoherent as the people staging protests across the country? Taxpayers ought to be protesting against having their money spent to educate people who end up unable to say anything beyond repeating political catch phrases.  It is hard to understand politics if you are hung up on reality. Politicians leave reality to others. What matters in politics is what you can get the voters to believe, whether it bears any resemblance to reality or not.  I hate getting bills that show a zero balance. If I don't owe anything, why bother me with a bill? There is too much junk mail already.  Read more........ SP: Sowell's random thoughts are always interesting and worth reading.

Occupy Wall Street Is Certainly No Tea Party - Forbes - The ”Occupy Wall Street” movement desperately wants to be compared to the Tea Party, because such a comparison would give the fledgling, misguided movement unearned legitimacy. But there are three key characteristics that separate OWS from the Tea Party: First, the Occupy protesters pride themselves on provocative resistance to law enforcement and in some cases violence. Second, they disrespect public and private property. Third, and most important, the Occupy movement lacks a coherent guiding philosophy.  The Sept. 12, 2009 Tea Party demonstration in Washington, D.C., is a perfect example of the way Tea Partiers do business. Organizers planned for 100,000 Tea Party activists to show up on the National Mall, but more than one million turned out. In spite of the huge group of people, there was never an ”angry mob” mentality. Protestors said ”excuse me” and ”thank you.” No one was arrested and no property was damaged. No one told us to, but we picked up every bit of trash, even if it was not ours. In only a month of much smaller Occupy-related protests, hundreds of people have been arrested from New York City to San Diego and abroad, and in some cases protesters have resorted to physical violence. The property damage has been significant.  Read more.......

Obama's Bus Tour Costing Taxpayers Thousands - CBS News - If Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain or any of the other presidential challengers were to embark on a three-day bus trip like the one now underway by President Obama, it would cost their campaigns tens of thousands of dollars.  Perhaps more.  They would have to pay a variety of expenses, including:

  • air travel to their first destination
  • leasing of one or more buses appropriate to the journey
  • rental for halls or meeting rooms for their candidates' appearances
  • the cost of lodging and meals for their candidate and staff
  • But not the Obama campaign. The White House declared that Mr. Obama's three-day trip through North Carolina and Virginia are official events and not campaign appearances, even though the two states are known to be political objectives of his re-election bid.
  • So Mr. Obama's expenses are borne by taxpayers, including:
the pro-rated costs of his flights aboard Marine One and Air Force One that brought him to his first stop yesterday in Asheville, NC,  the two buses used by him and his staff, owned and operated by the United States Secret Service, costs associated with setting up speech sites including microphones, speakers, amplifiers, teleprompters and TV lights,  lodging and meals for the president and his political staff.  Read more..........  SP: Another Democrat "free Lunch", at the expense of the taxpayers....had enough of Obama's three year Toxic Tour yet, then bring all your conservative friends to the voting booth on November 8th 2011 and November 6th 2012.

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