Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #3340 - Election Train Poem - Steve Peters (2) Overrated - The Weekly Standard (3) Obama's Performance Rating Slips Again - National Journal (4) Charles Krauthammer: The Scapegoat Strategy - Washington Post

From Steve Peters:
I hear the 2012 election train a comin', It's rollin' 'round the bend, And I ain't seen no economic sunshine, Since, I don't know when, I'm stuck in Obama's economy, And time keeps draggin' on, But that election train keeps a-rollin', On down to when Obama's done.

Well, if the voters free me from Obama, If that election railroad train is mine, I bet I'd move out over a little, Farther up the line, Far from Obama's class warfare, That's where I want to stay, And I'd let that lonesome whistle, Blow my economic Blues away.

There is a election train coming and it is far bigger and stronger than the one that ran the Democrats over in 2010, because they still are ignoring the voters wishes. By the way, how long has Obama used the yellowish-gold patterned curtains as a presidential news backdrop? It looks Middle Eastern, not American. Where are the American Flags?

Overrated - Weekly Standard - For a success, Barack Obama is a very bad politician, the worst politician to win the presidency by an electoral landslide, to never lose a major election, or to rise to the presidency from a state legislature in little more than four years. He has gone from sterling campaigner to put-upon leader; from the new FDR to the next Jimmy Carter; from being the orator who could hold millions spellbound to the man who moves no one at all. The man who promised everything is delivering nothing. Journalists who wept when he won the election now grind their teeth in despair. Maureen Dowd admits he isn’t the one for whom even he had been waiting. The gap between sizzle and steak never seemed so large or alarming, and inquiring minds want to know what went wrong.  Read more.......

Obama's Performance Rating Slips Again - National Journal - Like an early-autumn frost, a blast of pessimism about the country’s direction has snapped a slow but steady warming trend toward President Obama in the latest Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor survey.  Just 44 percent of those surveyed said they approved of Obama’s performance as president—his lowest rating in the 10 Heartland Monitor polls conducted since April 2009. Likewise, the share of adults disapproving of his performance also reached a high at 50 percent. Those results reversed modest but consistent gains for Obama since his previous low point in the survey in August 2010. In the most recent survey, conducted last May in the aftermath of the Osama bin Laden raid, Obama’s approval rating had edged up to 51 percent, with only 41 percent disapproving.  Read more.........

The Scapegoat Strategy - Charles Krauthammer - Washington Post -  What do you do if you can’t run on your record — on 9 percent unemployment, stagnant growth and ruinous deficits as far as the eye can see? How to run when you are asked whether Americans are better off than they were four years ago and you are compelled to answer no? Play the outsider. Declare yourself the underdog. Denounce Washington as if the electorate hasn’t noticed that you’ve been in charge of it for nearly three years. Equally ominous for the president: 70 percent of those polled in the new survey said that the country was on the wrong track. That’s a sharp increase just since the most recent Heartland Monitor in May—and by far the highest level of dissatisfaction over the country’s direction recorded in any of the 10 polls. (The previous high was 62 percent in August 2010, just before the GOP landslide in the midterm elections that year.) Only one-fifth believed the country was moving in the right direction.  Read more........

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