Saturday, October 22, 2011

Presidential Elections 2012 - #3349 - Mitt Romney: Meet Another Romney Climate-Change Advisor - Douglas Foy - Hot Air

For Anyone Thinking of Supporting Mitt Romney for President:

On Saturday, I noted Mitt Romney’s partnership with Obama science adviser and long-time Malthusian crank John Holdren in creating the “toughest” CO2 emissions limitations in the nation, and the resultant need for Massachusetts to import more of their energy in the years that followed. However, Holdren wasn’t Romney’s most significant appointment for environmental issues. Douglas Foy served as Secretary of Commonwealth Development in Romney’s cabinet for most of his term, and demonstrates Romney’s complicated — and contradictory — record on climate change. Foy came to the Romney administration in Massachusetts with a solid record on environmental activism as head of the Conservation Law Foundation for the previous 25 years. Under his direction, the CLF used the courts to block the building of the Seabrook 2 nuclear plant and stop off-shore drilling in the Georges Bank region. Romney picked him in 2003 with this record in order to bridge the gap between environmentalists and Republicans and to craft a reasonable approach to environmental issues.  Read more.......

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