Friday, October 28, 2011

Obamacare - Health Care Law - #3367 - Uh-Oh: GOP Giving up On Obamacare Repeal? - Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: Folks, I hate to mention this to you, but it's in the Washington Times. It is, I believe, an editorial. The headline of the story: "Bottom Line Issues Stall Republican Efforts to Pull Back Obamacare -- Republicans scored historic gains in last year's elections in part on their pledge to scrap the new health care law -- but their passion for repeal has dimmed in the face of a split Congress and the difficulties of untangling the complex legislation." This is a story about Republicans in Congress, not you. Not the voters. "Dozens of House-passed repeal bills and amendments have stalled in the Senate as Republican leaders have shied away from using them as bargaining chips in the broader spending debates that have dominated Washington this year........I was afraid of this. The "passion for repealing Obamacare" has not vanished in the voters. The "passion for getting rid of Obamacare" has not dimmed among us, but the Washington Times has a story saying, eh, the passion is sort of dimmed among the elected Republicans in Washington. This never ceases to frustrate me: "Undoing the tax increases would require finding revenue elsewhere." Why? Why can't we just repeal this thing and go back to where we were before it? What in the world do we go...? If we're gonna repeal it, the tax increases don't exist, so they don't have to be replaced! What is this nonsense about replacing the "revenue" that would supposedly be lost, repealing tax increases and Obamacare? Read entire article...... AW: Please read, very interesting facts about Medicaid and what is happening behind the scenes.

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