Friday, October 14, 2011

Gibson Guitar Raid Update - #3328 - 'A Clear Overreach' - Gibson CEO Blasts Justice Department - The Blaze

Gibson Guitar Corp.’s chief slammed the U.S. government on Wednesday for sending armed agents to raid two Tennessee factories under a law aimed at curbing the illegal harvest of tropical hardwoods, reports Reuters. “Armed people came in our factory … evacuated our employees, then seized half a million dollars of our goods without any charges having been filed,” Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz told reporters and others at a Washington lunch. “I think it’s a clear overreach,” he said. Government agents seized a total of over $1 million worth of rosewood, ebony and finished guitars from Gibson factories in Memphis and Nashville in raids in 2009 and August of this year, Juszkiewicz told Reuters. Gibson’s factories remain open “under great difficulty” because the raids took most of the company’s raw materials, the CEO said. In a Capitol Hill forum Wednesday, Juszkiewicz told Republican lawmakers the raids have so far cost the company more than $3 million in legal fees and manufacturing disruptions. The price of their products will likely go up because of the financial hit they have taken. Furthermore, the CEO cautioned that American jobs could sent overseas as a result of the federal harassment.  Read more........

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