Monday, October 10, 2011

Gibson Guitar Raid - #3314 - VIDEO: Hundreds Rally in Support of Gibson Guitar, Blast Federal Government for 'Abusing Its Power - The Blaze

Hundreds Rally in Support of Gibson Guitar, Blast Federal Government for 'Abusing Its Power' - The Blaze - Hundreds of Gibson Guitar supporters rallied for the legendary guitar factory at a dual demonstration-concert in Nashville, Tenn. Saturday, following a federal raid in August over the company’s importation practices. The “We Stand With Gibson” rally drew about 500 attendees, including members of the Tea Party, according to the Tennessean. Some carried signs that read “Who’s next“ and ”When they come for you, who will be left to speak?” Gibson supporters have railed against perceived government overreach, saying it’s putting a boot on the neck of business owners during tough economic times. Among those who spoke at the rally were Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and National Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer. In September, Blackburn invited Juszkiewicz to attend President Barack Obama’s jobs speech in Washington as her guest. The Tennessean reported: The rally and concert were organized online by a coalition of several dozen groups — most self-identified as tea party affiliates — in response to a federal raid on the company’s Nashville and Memphis offices in August.  Read more..........


  1. I believe they are accused of breaking the Lacey Act. The Feds supposedly had enough evidence to obtain a Search Warrant. They executed the Search Warrant. Now the Feds have to prove it in court. The Lacey act is an act of Congress and Gibson is accused of breaking US law.
    I think the WHOLE Lacey Act should be repealed. But I think that people that break the law should be held accountable.
    Obey the law or break it and accept the consequences. Change the law if you don't like it.
    The Feds should protect our freedoms and liberties, but the Feds should NOT be able to choose which laws to enforce. They are bound by the constitution to enforce All Laws.
    Change the law.
    Repeal the Lacey Act!

    Marsha Blackburn voted to override veto of bill behind Gibson raid

  2. Although the Lacey Act first became law in 1900, it was only amended in 2008 as part of that year's Farm Bill to include protection for certain woods and endangered animal species. At best, it is questionable even with the amendments, whether Gibson actually violated the law. Armed guards, for this, I don't think so.....