Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fast and Furious Guns -#3330 - VIDEO: Devastating CNN Video : Obama Knew About Fast & Furious Before Holder Claims He Knew - Human Events

Devastating CNN Video: Obama Knew About Fast & Furious Before Holder Claims He Knew - Human Events - Courtesy of Breitbart TV, the endgame for Attorney General Eric Holder begins with a CNN video clip in which President Obama says he knew about Operation Fast and Furious before Holder claims he knew about it:  Game, set, and match. Or will Holder upgrade his “incompetence” defense to claim he not only doesn’t read his briefings or follow media coverage of vital Justice Department affairs, he doesn’t even follow what the President of the United States says about those affairs? Is he really going to try staying in office by claiming he’s virtually unconscious?  I repeat my call for the immediate removal of Attorney General Eric Holder from office, while he awaits trial for perjury.

Speaking of Obama’s involvement in the Fast and Furious scandal, Roll Call has a story that amplifies on something I noted about the massive subpoena House Oversight sent to Holder: investigators are very interested in how the White House has been orchestrating the cover-up.  The subpoena demands “all communications” to or from Holder and 15 other top Justice Department officials on Fast and Furious, as well as every weekly update memo to Holder on any topic over a nearly two-year period. Issa contends that Holder may have learned about the program much earlier than he has acknowledged, and the California Republican been conducting a blitz of media interviews making that point.  Read  more.......  This clip has been viewed 28,833 times.

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