Thursday, October 13, 2011

E.P.A. Regulations - #3324 - VIDEO: Lou Dobbs - Idaho Couple Take Case Against E.P.A. to Capitol Hill - Fox (2) VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul on Government Regulations (3) Pacific Legal Foundation - Appearing on Lou Dobbs, on behalf of Sacketts

Lou Dobbs - Idaho Couple Take Case Against E.P.A. to Capitol Hill.  -  - Please watch, I have posted on this couple's case before, but please view this clip and listen to what is happening to Americans in the U.S. by the E.P.A. over property rights.

Senator Rand Paul on Government Regulations.

Tonight: On Lou Dobbs - The Sacketts, PLF's, Damien Schiff and Sen. Rand Paul - Pacific Legal Foundation - October 12, 2011: This evening, the Lou Dobbs Tonight show on Fox Business Channel will again feature Pacific Legal Foundation's property rights case that is now before the Supreme Court: Sackett v. United States Environmental Protection Agency.Host Lou Dobbs will interview PLF clients Mike and Chantell Sackett, of Priest Lake in the Idaho Panhandle. They are seeking to establish the right to judicial appeal when EPA effectively takes over property by declaring it "wetlands."  Also featured will be PLF Senior Staff Attorney Damien M. Schiff, who will argue the case at the U.S. Supreme Court.  Additionally, Senator Rand Paul, R-KY, will be interviewed to discuss the Sackett case as part of a pattern of government regulatory overreach that undermines freedom and hinders job growth and economic recovery.  Victims of EPA bullying seek the right to take EPA to court.  In 2005, the Sacketts bought a small parcel in Priest Lake with the intent to build a three-bedroom family home. The lot is in a residential area, and neighbors have built their own houses. The Sacketts obtained all the necessary permits to build, and started laying gravel. But then they were blindsided by EPA, which came in and claimed the property is "wetlands" — and ordered them to return it to the agency's liking, on pain of fines now totaling millions of dollars.  Read more........

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