Sunday, October 2, 2011

Courageous, The Movie - #3291 - VIDEO: Courageous Movie Could Start Nationwide Men's Movement - Baptist Press

"Courageous," the fourth feature film from Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., opens this weekend, and seldom has the pathway been so ready to help men launch a movement within their churches.  The movie follows the story of five men -- four of them police officers -- as they seek to become better fathers.  With more than one-third of children growing up without a father, dads in today's society, producer Stephen Kendrick said, need to step up.  "The dads have fallen asleep at the wheel, and the mom is reaching over and grabbing the wheel and trying to keep the family alive and going," Kendrick told Baptist Press.  Government statistics reflect that reality. Almost 40 percent of inmates grew up without a father, and children without a father are twice as likely to drop out of school, according to Department of Justice and government statistics.  Churches already are on board in using the movie.  "I believe this [movie] is a great tool to gather men together," said Scott Overby, a men's ministry leader at Heritage Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala. "It is full of great, godly man lessons, team building, accountability, and most importantly the Gospel. This movie presents the Gospel better than any I have seen."  Read more......  AW:  Just saw this movie tonight, every father, every family, everyone, should see it, awesome.....

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