Monday, October 17, 2011

Barack Obama - #3336 - Obama Faces Changing Tide in Virginia - Washington Examiner

When President Obama rolls into Virginia Tuesday for the next stop of his national jobs tour, he won't necessarily be welcomed warmly in a state that propelled him to a landslide victory in 2008. Since that historic victory, Obama, the first Democrat to carry Virginia in nearly a half-century, has been a regular visitor to a state he concedes is vital to his re-election prospects. But with stubbornly high unemployment and an enormously popular Republican governor, Virginia is trending from purple to red again. "No doubt Virginia is a different state then when Obama toured it in 2008," said Jeremy Mayer, a political scientist at George Mason University. "If Mitt Romney were the [Republican] nominee -- and the election were held tomorrow -- he would beat Barack Obama in Virginia." Republicans have made substantial inroads in the state since Obama took office. The GOP took over three Democratic congressional seats last year, and the race for retiring Democratic Sen. Jim Webb's seat -- likely between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican George Allen -- is expected to be among the closest in the nation.  Read more..........

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