Thursday, October 6, 2011

Barack Obama - #3302 - Barack Obama is No Underdog, He's a Political Loser (2) Obama's Contempt Bordering on Treachery - Redstate - American Thinker (3) VIDEO: RNC Hits Obama on Solyndra - Hot Air

Barack Obama told ABC News yesterday that he is the “underdog” in 2012. He actually raced to embrace the title George Stephanopolous threw out there for him. There was no deliberation, no pause — just an immediate “absolutely” to lay claim to the title.  First understand that the Obama wants to be the underdog because of America’s fixation with rooting for the guy behind. He sees it as a positive.  Second, understand that underdogs do not get to take campaign bus tours through swing states at taxpayer expense on buses paid for by taxpayers and also fly around in a blue and white 747 and get pretty much as much free press as he wants, including great photo ops in front of Congress talking about jobs.  Underdogs do not get that.  Incumbent Presidents get that. And incumbent Presidents do not, more than year from an election get to call themselves “underdogs,” if ever they do. When a President is a year from election, sees his popularity going down, and can’t even muster enough Democrats to vote for his jobs plan because they neither fear nor respect him, the President is not an underdog. He is a loser.  This President is a political loser. Every time he speaks the stock market goes down. Every time he acts boldly, independents attribute it to increasing political desperation without seriousness. Every time he tries to lead, his own party privately mocks him.  Read more.......

Obama's Contempt Bordering on Treachery - American Thinker - The United States, faced with its worst crisis in sixty-five years, has at the helm a radical political class, as personified by Barack Obama, who have chosen a path trod by so many despots in mankind's recent history. Barack Obama and his fellow-travelers are exploiting the fear and desperation of a growing number of citizens amid gaping fissures in American society in order to retain and expand their control over the populace.  Human societies are held together by the most fragile of cords. Whenever unrelenting internal or external challenges abound, thereby placing excessive stress on the foundation of any society, the key determination as to whether chaos ensues is most often in the hands of the society's leaders. They can choose to exploit the circumstances in order to satisfy their lust for power, or they can embrace a course of action and policies to rally the citizenry into collectively overcoming the crisis at hand, regardless of the fractures in that society.  Read more.......

RNC Hits Obama on Solyndra - Hot Air - How can a President watch $535 million in taxpayer funds get destroyed in a vain attempt to prop up an investment for a campaign donor, and then claim to have no regrets over the failure? The RNC would like Americans to ask themselves that question, and they produced a new 45-second spot focusing on the collapse of Solyndra. The ad actually picks its attack carefully, avoiding references to George Kaiser at all. Instead it just hammers Obama on having bad business sense in putting so much cash on a “bad bet”:Perhaps the RNC wants people to connect the dots themselves on the connection between Solyndra and big-bundler Kaiser, but one has to provide the dots to connect. For the record, here they are:

  • New DoE loans favor even more Democratic donors
  • Obama warned that green-tech bets would produce a “colossal failure”
  • Obama admin attacking China for subsidies in solar tech as reason why our subsidies didn’t work, or something
  • Pending bankruptcy didn’t keep Solyndra from sending cash to lobbyists
  • Breaking: FBI raids Solyndra
  • Inquiring minds want to know: Why did green-jobs bust Solyndra get a gigantic federal loan?
  • Did the White House use “green loans” to favor fundraisers?
  • Three weeks ago, I wrote that the RNC would find gold in Solyndra. This is a good start, but the RNC needs to keep digging

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