Monday, September 12, 2011

SUStainability, Private Property Rights - #3237 - VIDEO: Homeowners Win Legal Fight With Santa Cruz - Freedom Advocates (2) VIDEO: Sean Hannity - Feds Accusing New York City Westchester Suburb of Segregation - Fox

Homeowners Win Legal Fight with Santa Cruz -There is now a window of opportunity to get these notices expunged from your property title report.  As a result of a courageous and perseverant property owner by the name of Paul Carrick, Santa Cruz county was found to be in violation of proper processes for filing Notices of Violation by the San Jose 6th District Appellate Court.  In a 4/18/11 decision, the Sixth District Appellate Court found the County of Santa Cruz unlawful in its recordation of red tags for alleged building code violations.  In the case County of Santa Cruz v. Carrick, the 6th District Court of Appeals found that the County was not authorized to record a notice of violation against landowner Carrick, in absence of a statute or court order permitting the recordation. Associate Justice Wendy Clark Duffy of the 6th District Court of Appeal has directed the County to expunge the red tag recordation against Carrick.  There are literally thousands of other residents with illegal filings by Santa Cruz County yet Judge Duffy is refusing to publish the decision. Unpublished decisions cannot be cited as case law in future cases, but this is still a good advance for other abused property owners. Here is a copy of the unpublished decision.  Read more....... AW:  This is a frightening story about homeowners who were cited for allowing a hedge to grow too tall and a neighbor complained it was a safety factor violation in the neighborhood.  They agreed to cut it down and did so, but a red marker was attached to their deed for the violation, which cost them precious time as they tried to sell their home and a $1,000,000 off the original price.  Other homeowners in Santa Cruz have experience this as well, please watch this clip and understand why Sustainable initiatives by local governments are so dangerous to private property rights.  Please read Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission's 1998 Sustainable Accords and the implementation plan links below to understand how alarming these documents are to Charlottesville and Albemarle County residents. THPDC 1998 Sustainability Accords........  Charlottesville Implementation Plan.........

Hannity: Feds Accusing New York City Suburb of Segregation - Fox - Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino weighs in on controversy.  It is the case of big government overreach that has local officials in one county in New York protesting. Now it's their right about local governance as the Obama administration officials fight to impose their vision of so-called diversity. Our very own Ainsley Earhardt has this story. Thank you, Sean. We are in suburbs of Manhattan. This is Westchester County, New York, where county officials are in an all out brawl with the Obama administration's Department of Housing and Urban Development otherwise known as HUD. Back in 2009, the county officials here agreed to build 750 affordable housing units that looked just like these. The construction is still ongoing, a year ahead of schedule. However, county officials are now upset saying they are getting a litany of outrageous demands from D.C. For HUD Westchester County is too white and the houses are too expensive. In a May 13th letter, HUD ordered county officials to quote "explain and analyze Westchester's long history of segregation" and fix it. Westchester County is mostly Caucasian, but segregation has never been legal. KEVIN PLUNKETT, DEPUTY COUNTRY EXECUTIVE: What HUD is trying to do is create this aura of segregation. EARHARDT: Administration officials assume segregation is to blame for Westchester's racial composition, but county officials see other factors that work. PLUNKETT: I categorically reject the fact that it is race that has driven the formation of the neighborhoods. People live in areas driven by economic reality, driven by family ties.
EARHARDT: And the Obama administration itself is not shy about its belief that the feds know best when it comes to building local communities. RON SIMS, FORMER HUD DEPUTY SECRETARY: Today, we've taken an important step toward building what we call geography of opportunity.  EARHARDT: Perhaps most troubling are some of the administration's prescriptions for Westchester's so-called problem. HUD officials John Transdinia and Mercedes Marquez are demanding that the county urge banks to relax their lending standards, a policy instrumental in causing America's financial meltdown. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some people took out mortgages they can't possibly afford.  Read more.........

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