Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Steve Peters Commentary - #3245 - Guy Benson: VIDEO: Emails Reveal White House Tie to Solyndra Scandal - Townhall (2) Editorial: 'Job Bill is about Politics, Not Jobs' - (3) VIDEO: Obama to Crowd: 'If You Love Me, You've Got to Help Me Pass This Bill" - Hot Air

Emails Reveal White House Tie to Solyndra Scandal - Townhall - Pay attention, folks -- this is getting big. For months, Katie has been faithfully covering another simmering White House scandal that has slowly intensified with each passing revelation. The Solyndra case, by contrast, has blown up in less than a week. Here's the cliffsnotes version: A solar panel manufacturing company that received over half-a-billion taxpayer dollars in federal "stimulus" loan guarantees from the Obama administration in 2009 has filed for bankruptcy and laid off all of its employees. One of the principal investors in Solyndra was a major Obama donor. He and various Solyndra officials visited the White House repeatedly before and after the controversial loan was approved. The president toured the company's California headquarters in 2010, using the setting to tout his green energy agenda and the Recovery Act. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Solyndra imploded last month.  Last week, the FBI raided Solyndra's offices, seeking undisclosed evidence of impropriety. We also learned that Obama Energy Department representatives sat in on numerous Solyndra board meetings in the months leading up to the company's failure. They knew it was coming. Oh well, the White House argues, there are always risks in these sorts of things -- and besides, the Solyndra loan process began during the Bush administration. That house of cards is now collapsing. Yesterday, ABC News dropped the bombshell that Bush era Energy auditors actually nixed the loan as unsound, and that Obama OMB staffers raised similar concerns upon their own evaluation. The White House's political team seemed to disagree, putting the deal on a "fast track." Mere days later, the massive government loan to the unstable "green" poster-child -- backed by major Obama donor cash -- was fortuitously approved. Here's investigative reporter Brian Ross' excellent report on his findings:  Read more.......

Editorial: 'Jobs Bills' is About Politics, Not Jobs - - Obamanomics: Government spending failed on jobs, so the president has shifted to Plan T: taxes, including limiting mortgage interest and other deductions — plus still more spending. His unlikely-to-pass plan is 100% politics.  When an angry Barack Obama repeatedly demanded at a joint session of Congress last week that lawmakers "pass this jobs bill," he knew their answer would be no. But at the time, no one outside the White House knew the game the president was playing.  In one of the most deceitful ploys ever attempted against the American people, President Obama kept it to himself that he was planning a full-frontal assault on tax deductions to "pay for" nearly $450 billion in new stimulus.  Individuals earning more than $200,000 annually and married couples taking in more than $250,000 would see restrictions on itemized deductions for mortgage interest, charitable giving, and state and local taxes. Coming out of the blue as a high-unemployment economy threatens a double-dip recession, these tax increases define the term "nonstarter."  Read more........ SP: This job's bill(Obama Stimulus Two) is for saving one person's job only,........ Obama's. If it were passed, it would not work any better than the $800 Billion Stimulus One at creating or "saving" any jobs. The only good news is that at $447 Billion, Obama's Stimulus Two would do about 1/2 the damage of the first one. It will not pass, or even be voted on, because even the Liberal Democrats rejected this type of package when they controlled the House. Yesterdays New York District 9 special election earthquake results indicate another Tsunami is coming for Obama and the Democrats in 2012. No amount of money will save Obama's job, unless he starts listening AND responding to what the American voters have been trying to tell him for the last three years.

Obama to Crowd: "If you Love Me, You've Got to Help Me Pass This Bill - Hot Air - Via National Journal, this isn’t as self-parodically narcissistic as the headline makes it sound. He’s responding to a guy in the audience who screamed “I love you, Barack!” — itself a newsworthy event given the state of O’s polling lately — and is kinda sorta teasing in his reply. Too bad he doesn’t mean a word of it. Over to you, former Democratic congressman Martin Frost:  I supported Obama in 2008 and intend to vote for him again in 2012. But on this issue, he is simply wrong.  As good as this job program is, it is unrealistic to expect that this Congress will fund it 100 percent with tax increases rather than funding it with a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts.  Instead of making Congress an offer it could not refuse, the president has made Congress an offer he knows they will not accept…Why would the president make a funding proposal that he knows Congress will reject?  The most likely explanation is that his jobs program was a campaign document — not a real plan for putting people back to work.  Read more....... SP: I do not love you, nor want your marxist policies to spread throughout our Republic. Anyone with a brain who LOVES THEIR COUNTRY AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, would run as fast as they could from someone like you. You govern like a dictator, want the rule of man(Obama), instead of the rule of law, and desire to have others follow you like a messiah without questioning your policies, or motives.

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