Friday, September 2, 2011

Obamacare and Clarence Thomas - #3217 - Michael Barone: Obamacare and the Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas - Townhall (2) Poll - Obamacare at its Most Unpopular - Hot Air

The nightmare appears in last week's issue, in Jeffrey Toobin's lengthy article on Supreme Court jurisprudence, titled "Partners" and subtitled "Will Clarence and Virginia Thomas succeed in killing Obama's health-care plan?" It's possible to read Toobin's article as a partisan hit job, echoing the demands of 74 Democratic congressmen that Justice Clarence Thomas recuse himself from sitting on a case challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare because of his wife's involvement in the tea party movement. Never mind that this is a standard neither Toobin nor the Democrats apply to other public officials with spouses active in public affairs -- or that they're not asking Justice Elena Kagan to recuse herself because of her work in the Justice Department on the issue. The bulk of the article is worthy of attention because Toobin, despite his obvious distaste for Justice Thomas' views, takes him seriously as a judicial thinker and pathfinder.  Read more...... Article contributed by Steve Peters.

Poll: Obamacare at its most unpopular - The latest Kaiser health tracking poll shows Obamacare continues to be the first entitlement program ever to be roundly (and rightly) rejected by the American people at the outset. The Washington Examiner’s Conn Carroll has more:  Only 39% of those surveyed have a favorable view of the law, two points below the previous nadir of 41% first set in May 2010. Forty-four percent of Americans have an unfavorable view. …A plurality of Americans, 47%, believe the law “won’t make much difference” in their own lives while 31% believe it will help and 14% say it will hurt. Asked how the law would help, a respondent told Kaiser, “Coverage will be available to me and my family.” A respondent who believed the law would hurt explained that the law is “going to increase taxes a whole lot and make it difficult to find a job and take more paperwork and take decisions out of doctors [hands].” Importantly, the poll tracks the views of those without health insurance — the very people the law aims to help.  Read more........

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