Thursday, September 1, 2011

National Labor Relations Board - #3213 - Obama's War on the Secret Ballot - Ken Blackwell, Townhall (2) NLRB Agrees to New Rules That Will Harm Workers, Job Creation - Hot Air

The Obama Administration has fired its opening salvo against a cornerstone of democracy: the right to secret ballot. Last fall, voters in four states voted overwhelmingly to amend their constitutions protect the right of workers to vote by secret ballot in deciding whether or not to form unions. That right has been enshrined in federal law for 75 years but is threatened by bills pending in Congress. Nonetheless, the Obama National Labor Relations Board has filed a lawsuit against Arizona seeking to halt its protection of the right to secret ballot. Federal law governs labor relations, the NLRB asserts, and states cannot provide greater security for worker rights. Why is the Obama Administration taking such a profoundly anti-democratic position? The answer is simple: it’s pay-off time for the massive labor union support Barack Obama received in the 2008 election. Read more......... Steve Peters Commentary: The total cost to our freedoms, individual pocketbooks, and the American economy has been astronomical when you add up all the "payback" Obama has given to the Democrat's largest contributor, the unions. Never has such a small dwindling minority group held such a tight leash around the neck of one political party. The union movement has been rejected by our private sector economy,(1965 30% unionized/2009 7% unionized), and can only exist because its government union membership as grown substantially.(Prior to 1960-15% / 2009-39%-excludes federal workers) The number of "right to work" states has been increasing, and will continue to do so, as the union sucks the economic life out of the "pro-union states". The business community and individual citizens have been voting with their feet by moving to the "right to work" states, and will continue to do so. But where can they go if Obama succeeds in stacking the deck nationally in the unions favor? As Senator Jim DeMint has said, 'Obama has packed the NLRB with union thugs', as another payback to the unions. How many jobs will be destroyed or leave this country, never to return, because of the terrible "rulings" like that of the NLRB against Boeing? Obama is doing everything within his means to try to change the national rules in favor of the unions, but can only succeed, if the voters are complacent. How the American voter pulls the lever in 2012 will decide if we continue towards Obama's socialistic vision of America, or change course back to our Founding Fathers vision of individual liberties and entrepreneurial exceptionalism.

NLRB Agrees to New Rules That Will Harm Workers, Job Creation - Hot Air -  The National Labor Relations Board yesterday issued three decisions that will make it easier for workers to unionize even when a majority of workers prefer to remain non-union. The Wall Street Journal reports:  In a case known as Specialty Healthcare, the board decided that the union could seek to organize a group that consists only of nursing assistants, a blow to the employer, which wanted to include other nonprofessional employees in the unit. Employer groups had been concerned the board would use the health-care industry case to endorse the formation of so-called mini-bargaining units in a range of workplaces, which they said would allow unions to target small groups of workers the unions know would support unionization. …  In another case known as Lamons Gasket Co., the board decided that employees opposed to a union would no longer have the right to immediately challenge the recognition of a “card-check” election—in which employees sign cards to show their interest in joining. Unions prefer the card-check method over secret-ballot elections.  In the third case, known as UGL-Unicco Service Co., the board decided that after the sale of a unionized company, the new owner, the employees or a rival union can’t immediately challenge the incumbent union’s right to represent the workers. Instead, there must be a “reasonable period” of time for collective bargaining to have “a fair chance to succeed,” the board’s Democrats decided.  Read more.........

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