Saturday, September 17, 2011

Constitution Day - #3253 - How to Celebrate Constitution Day - Heritage Foundation

Today we celebrate the birth of the most imitated national document in the world—our Constitution. At the core of this 224 year old document, are the first principles our Founding Fathers envisioned: individual freedom, personal responsibility, and limited role for government. And that’s why every September 17, we celebrate this monumental document. In Washington this week, several organizations are marking the occasion: The Heritage Foundation continues to preserve the Constitution with this a series of events (link in PDF) including a lecture by legal scholar John Yoo and a panel discussion on Reagan on the Constitution). Hillsdale College is celebrating tomorrow with an all-star line-up including Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and columnist Charles Krauthammer (watch it online). The Tocqueville Forum revives the Federalist vs. Anti-federalist debate with a discussion of the ratification of the Constitution.  And if you’re in the nation’s capital, don’t forget to pay homage to the document itself with a trip to the National Archives. There are many Constitution Day festivals around the country. Americans for Prosperity is likely hosting one near you. In addition, We Read the Constitution has a list of Constitution parties in 16 states. Add your state to the list and sign up to host your own party. And if you’re near Fredericksburg, VA, stop by to see Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky and Robert Gordon at the Constitution Day Jubilee. Read more.......

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