Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Barack Obama - #3227 - U.S. Falls to 5th in Global Competitiveness, Survey Shows - MSN (2) Four Ways Obama Has Blocked Job Growth - Heritage Foundation (3) Obama Hits All-Time Lows According to NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll - (4) Obama's Approval Drops to 44% With Hispanics - Down 41 Points Since 2009 (5) Poll Illustrates California Voters' Anger - LA Times (6) Poll: Obamacare at its Most Unpopular - Hot Air

  1.  Switzerland 5.74 (-)
  2.  Singapore 5.63 (+1)
  3.  Sweden 5.61 (-1)
  4.  Finland 5.47 (+3)
  5.  United States 5.43 (-1)
  6.  Germany 5.41 (-1)
  7.  Netherlands 5.41 (+1)
  8.  Denmark 5.40 (-1)
  9.  Japan 5.40 (-3)
  10.  United Kingdom 5.39 (+2)
The U.S. has tumbled further down a global ranking of the world's most competitive economies, landing at fifth place because of its huge deficits and declining public faith in government, a global economic group said Wednesday.  The announcement by the World Economic Forum was the latest bad news for the Obama administration, which has been struggling to boost the sinking U.S. economy and lower an unemployment rate of more than 9 percent.  Switzerland held onto the top spot for the third consecutive year in the annual ranking by the Geneva-based forum, which is best known for its exclusive meeting of luminaries in Davos, Switzerland, each January. Singapore moved up to second place, bumping Sweden down to third. Finland moved up to fourth place, from seventh last year. The U.S. was in fourth place last year, after falling from No. 1 in 2008.  The rankings, which the forum has issued for more than three decades, are based on economic data and a survey of 15,000 business executives.  The forum praised the U.S. for its productivity, highly sophisticated and innovative companies, excellent universities and flexible labor market. But it also cited "a number of escalating weaknesses" such as rising government debt and declining public faith in political leaders and corporate ethics.  The results of a survey of 142 nations comes a day before Obama is preparing to tackle jobs issues in a speech to the U.S. Congress, and just as U.S. polls show a clear majority of those surveyed say they disapprove of the way Obama is handling the economy.  Read more.........  AW: THANKS OBAMA, WHAT A GREAT JOB YOU AND YOUR CABINET HAVE DONE. For those who doubt Rush, more evidence what a deliberate attempt this is to bring the U.S. to an historic downfall. Who wants 4 more years of this??????

Four Ways Obama Has Blocked Job Growth - Heritage Foundation -   Wonder who’s to blame for today’s stagnant economy? Look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to see where the buck ought to stop. Though President Barack Obama constantly points fingers at others for America’s economic woes, his policies are to blame for preventing the U.S. economy from getting back on track. Before you watch President Obama present his latest jobs plan in his speech on Thursday, be sure you know the four major measures he has taken to prevent job growth in America:  1) Obama’s Overregulation - During President Obama’s first 26 months in office, his Administration imposed 75 new major regulations, with reported costs to the private sector exceeding $40 billion, as The Heritage Foundation’s James Gattuso and Diane Katz document in ”Red Tape Rising: A 2011 Mid-Year Report.” That’s more than any comparable period on record. The annual cost of regulation–$1.75 trillion by one frequently cited estimate–represents twice the amount of individual income taxes collected last year. Katz and Gattuso write that there are even more regulations in the pipeline, as well.   Read more.........

Obama Hits all Time Lows According to NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll - MSNBC - When Barack Obama unveils his jobs and economic plan to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, he'll do so at the lowest point of his presidency, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. After the bruising debt-ceiling fight — as well as Standard & Poor's subsequent downgrade of the nation's credit rating — Obama's job approval rating has sunk to a low of 44 percent, a 3-point drop since July. His handling of the economy stands at a low of 37 percent. And only 19 percent believe the country is headed in the right direction, the lowest mark for this president.  Perhaps most ominously for Obama, a majority of poll takers — 54 percent — think he's facing a longer-term setback from which he's unlikely to recover. Back in January, just 39 percent agreed with that assessment. Read more........

Obama's Approval Drops to 44% of Hispanics - Down 41 pts. since 2009 - In the same week that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that her department was going to review the cases of 300,000 illegal aliens in deportation proceedings and allow “low priority” cases to stay in the country and receive work permits—a move House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith called a “back door amnesty”—President Barack Obama’s approval dropped to an all-time low of 44 percent among Hispanics, according to Gallup polling data released today.  Read more........

Poll Illustrates California Voters' Anger - LA Times - California voters are increasingly downcast about the direction of the country, but — like their leaders in Washington — many would rather adhere to party orthodoxy than compromise to address the current economic problems, a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll shows.......Nearly 3 in 4 say the country is on the wrong track, and nearly half favor slashing government spending — a potentially dismal finding for President Obama, who will unveil a jobs plan this week.  Read more........

Poll: Obamacare at its Most Unpopular - Hot Air - The latest Kaiser health tracking poll shows Obamacare continues to be the first entitlement program ever to be roundly (and rightly) rejected by the American people at the outset. The Washington Examiner’s Conn Carroll has more:  Only 39% of those surveyed have a favorable view of the law, two points below the previous nadir of 41% first set in May 2010. Forty-four percent of Americans have an unfavorable view. …Read more.........

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