Saturday, September 17, 2011

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors - #3252 - VIDEO: Gun Shy: Rooker Fires at Tea Party, Then Ducks Appearance on Schilling Show - Schilling Show Blog - Welborn Freedom Watch

Gun Shy: Dennis Rooker Fires at Tea Party Then Ducks Appearance on Schilling Show - Schilling Show Blog - Hot on the heels of a declamatory shot across the bow of the Jefferson Area Tea Party (JATP), Albemarle County Supervisor, Dennis Rooker, has refused an invitation to appear on WINA’s The Schilling Show in order to clarify inappropriate remarks he delivered at a recent public assembly.  At the Wednesday, September 7 Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meeting, a board majority (Ken Boyd, Rodney Thomas, Duane Snow, Lindsay Dorrier) voted to drop the county’s participation in the Cool Counties initiative, with Dennis Rooker and board chair, Ann Mallek, voting to continue the unholy alliance. A visibly rattled Rooker took the outcome as an opportunity to again disparage the local tea party—and the tea party movement in general—as he lashed out against the verdict:  “But, you know, I mean, where we’re going now, is, in my view, is in a direction where we’re afraid to be perceived as environmentally committed because, you know, I guess, the tea party has told us that’s it’s a bad thing and they can put another notch on their gun and send out an e-mail to all of their people saying we got Albemarle County out of ICLEI, and we got Albemarle County out of Cool Counties.  There will be an e-mail that goes out nationally today or tomorrow on that issue because it’s a notch on the gun. And that’s what this is about. A notch on the gun.”   Read more........

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