Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tea Parties - #3196 - VIDEO: Why Tea Parties? The Trillion Dollar Question

Commentary by Steve Peters - Too many Americans have forgotten or ignored the words of warning from our Founding Fathers. Others lack an understanding of the documents they created to guard our inalienable rights granted by God. One of the goals of the Tea Party Movement is to remind our fellow citizens of those words and obligations that come with them. The 13,000,000,000,000 question is which type of Government do you want to live under, and are you willing to stand up and fight for it? The one which the Founding Fathers envisioned: or the one being forced upon us by Obama and his cronies? Each of us demanding smaller government must decide how much time and energy we are willing to bring to that fight. Do what you must today to be comfortable with your answer when future generations ask you the following question: What did you do to help prevent Obama's vision of unlimited government from becoming a reality?  AW:  This is an excellent video, please watch.

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