Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sustainability, UN Agenda 21, ICLEI, Private Property Rights #3176 - VIDEO: Missouri River Flooding (2) Green Ideology Trumps Flood Control - American Thinker (3) VIDEO: Proof - The Missouri River Flooding Was to Take Farm Land - Missouri River Restoration

Missouri River Flooding - 2001
Green Ideology Trumps Flood Control - American Thinker - As late as April of 2011, the Water Management Chief for the Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, expressed an opinion in an e-mail to a concerned citizen that the mountain snowmelt this year would "be nothing to write home about." This internal e-mail, among many others recently released through a Freedom of Information Act request by Gannett's Washington Bureau, exposes that assertion as a gross misstatement of known facts.  The e-mails reveal that a cadre of hydrologists, engineers, and National Weather Service (NWS) officials had repeatedly warned the chief, Ms. Jody Farhat, beginning inJanuary about the danger posed by up to 500% higher-than-normal snowpack looming in the mountains above. Multiple sources also informed the Corps that the snow had an abnormally high water content, which, combined with NWS reports of soil saturation levels of 99% in much of the Dakotas and nearly all of Montana, greatly added to the likelihood of epic flooding. Even the Corps headquarters in Washington warned Ms. Farhat about the growing danger. She dismissed their concerns..........

The Corps is dancing to the chanting of American Rivers, the Sierra Club, and numerous other left-of-center environmental lobbying groups, working toward "reconnecting the river to its floodplain." According to this green-trendy concept, a slow, meandering river poses no threat -- only the channelized "ditch" created by man's interference is dangerous. n a previous article, I examined the upended priorities of the ICorps as written in the revised Master Manual. The dam system is now being utilized to mimic the natural flows of the pre-dam river in the name of returning the river to some pre-human state of nature.  What is meant by this "reconnecting" catchphrase? The definition is readily apparent in a Missouri river that has spread out to more than 11 miles wide in places. Entire towns are inundated. Neighborhoods in towns that predated the dams themselves now lie beneath the surface of the water, victims of a river "reconnected to its floodplain."  The eco-restorationists are shamelessly touting the spectacular flood control benefits derived from their reconnection strategy. What they do not say is that their strategy does not control flooding in any commonly understood sense. It simply doesn't allow humans to be where flooding has ever occurred. Should they be allowed to continue, entire reaches of the river, stretching from bluff to bluff, hundreds of thousands of square miles worth, would become no-go areas for humans, unless of course you are an environmentalist engaging in some study or experiment. For this, we lose our homes and property.   While we want to believe that our experts tell us the truth, all too often, those with agendas use that desire to deceive us. Frighteningly, this appears to be one such time when an agenda is transcendent. Let the investigations begin without delay.  Read entire article........  AW:  Please read this article in its entirety, watch the two videos, and check with your local government to see if they are involved in any way with UN Agenda 21, ICLEI, and/or the Sustainability movement.  This article is an example of what governments may implement to control their citizens and private property rights over radical environmental changes and sustainability.  The video below I found while trying to find photos of the flooding which seems to confirm the information in this article.

Proof - The Missouri River Flooding Was to Take Farm Land - Missouri River Restoration 


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