Monday, August 8, 2011

Standard and Poor Downgrade - #3146 - VIDEO: Small Businesswoman to Obama - 'Apologize' for Economy - The Blaze

Small Businesswoman to Obama 'Apologize' for Economy - The Blaze - As liberals have chosen to attack the validity of S &P‘s downgrade of the U.S. government credit rating, some in the business community are now telling Washington to stop pointing fingers and to start finding solutions. Amilya Antonetti’s (Chairman and CEO at AMA Productions) went off on Fox News this morning, ripping into the politicians who‘ve gotten the United States into the economic mess we’re in now. With 13.9 million unemployed in July, Antonetti calls on the President to show true leadership and thank, not name-call, the businesses that have created jobs. AW: Don't miss this one, has already received 57,218 views.

Was the Downgrade a Rejection of Obamacare? - Hot Air -  “So make no mistake: Health care reform is entitlement reform.” — Barack Obama, April 14, 2009.  “Health care reform is entitlement reform.” — Peter Orszag, OMB Director, February 23, 2009 - Whenever Republicans insisted on debating entitlement reform and the looming unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Medicaid, which by some calculations amount to more than $100 trillion over the next few decades, President Obama had one handy answer: we’ve already accomplished it. ObamaCare, he and his administration insisted, was the entitlement reform that we needed to address the crises in Medicare and Medicaid. Obama claimed that going into the months-long battle that eventually produced the PPACA, commonly known as ObamaCare even when first introduced shortly after his remarks.......Had ObamaCare done what the President and his former OMB Director claimed, then why would S&P downgrade the US over its debt and future liabilities? Perhaps because, as Philip Klein writes at the Washington Examiner, investors weren’t impressed by supposed entitlement reform that consists of adding to those liabilities:  Defenders of Obama will attempt to pin the blame on his predecessor, President Bush, and on intransigent Tea Party radicals in the current Congress. But that would leave out the part in between. For his first two years in office, Obama’s party controlled both chambers of Congress – for part of that period, he had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. During that time period, he and his fellow Democrats could have passed his supposedly ideal, long-term, deficit-reduction package — one that represented a “balanced approach” between spending cuts and tax increases. It also could have delayed the deficit reduction for several years, so it wouldn’t have affected the current weak economy or the “investments” he considers crucial. Forget about actually accomplishing serious deficit reduction — he didn’t even attempt it.  Read more.........

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