Saturday, August 13, 2011

Robert Hurt - #3163 - VIDEO: Robert Hurt Interview with Jim Hanchett - News (2) Photos: Route 29 Tour - Robert Hurt Visits Constituents in Charlottesville, August 10, 2011

Robert Hurt Interview with Jim Hanchett - News - Fifth District Congressman Robert Hurt was at the Newsplex Wednesday afternoon for a meeting with Virginia broadcasters. He sat down with CBS19's Jim Hanchett to discuss topics ranging from government spending to President Barack Obama to the Western Bypass. In short, Rep. Hurt said it's important that Washington get its financial house in order. "We are focused 100% on the House majority side on policies that create jobs or lead to job creation. We've enacted dozens of bills to that end that unfortunately are awaiting action in the Senate. So, I hope that our constituents will reach out to our delegation in the Senate and convey that message." The Republican Congressman also said that while the Western Bypass is a state and local debate, he believes the bypass would be a good thing for the Route 29 corridor. "It was always my opinion as a member of the state legislature that the Bypass would be a good thing for moving goods and commerce up and down the vital Route 29 corridor. I have always been supportive of the concept, but obviously it is a state issue and there are local components."

Photos by Steve Peters:

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