Friday, August 12, 2011

Presidential Election 2012 - #3159 - The Horserace for 8-12-11 - Redstate (2) Debate Recap from the Spin Room - Hot Air

This is a special edition of the horserace, the day before Ames and the RedState Gathering. Last night in Iowa, the Republicans debated. It was like the Island of Misfit Toys. Mitt Romney won the debate if only because Ames is apparently not big enough for two Minnesotans. The barbs between Bachmann and Pawlenty did them no favors. Ron Paul embarrassed himself without even knowing it. The debate was a spectacle to behold. And then there is Rick Perry. He wasn’t on stage, but he certainly had to be in the minds of the candidates. Jon Huntsman alone proved himself . . . well . . . I don’t think I can say the word . . . let’s just say yuck. We’ll get into all of it and resurrect Newt and Santorum for this week’s horserace. Michele Bachmann: I did not think Michele Bachmann helped herself in last night’s debate. She came across as desperate and several of her attacks on Tim Pawlenty came across as inside baseball for Minnesota politics. A number of her answers were strong, but the attacks were a distraction.  Read more about each candidate's performance.......   IA Caucus: Feb. 6, 2012, NH Primary: Feb. 7, 2012, NV Caucus: Feb. 18, 2012, SC Primary: Feb. 28, 2012   

Debate Recap from the Spin Roo - Hot Air -  Tina: The New Hampshire debate formed the foundation for the view I’ve maintained throughout the early stages of the 2012 campaign season — that the size of the Republican field is an asset for the GOP. But a couple months have passed and it appears the party would benefit from a little whittling. Too many candidates on the stage tonight.  The inter-candidate squabbling (so accurately predicted by Ed), the candidate-moderator bickering, the Ron-Paul-centric foreign policy segment and the absence of any meaningful discussion of entitlement reform all combined, unfortunately, to reinforce the idea that Republicans haven’t yet found their candidate. In light of a certain declaration right around the corner, it could be, of course, that the eventual GOP nominee wasn’t on the stage. But it could also be that he or she was and was just buried beneath cheap shots (Tim Pawlenty on Mitt Romney’s lawn size, for example!), misstatements (Michele Bachmann on Pawlenty’s “era of small government is over” quote) and nonsensical answers (excusing the threat Iranian nuclear power would pose to the world, advocating the abolishment of the Federal Reserve, promoting the gold standard, etc., etc., etc.).  Read more.......

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