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Obamacare- Healthcare Law - #3178 - How the Obamacare Bill Passed - Rush Limbaugh (2) Obamacare Gives the Government Access to Your Bank Account - Liberty and Pride (3) Obamacare One Year Later - Why America Needs Full Repeal Now - Heritage Foundation

This is how the telephone call to Rush started Thursday, August 18, 2011 - RUSH: Rita in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here. Hello. CALLER: Hi, Rush. It's an honor and a privilege to speak with you. I have been a longtime listener, and I'm really disturbed by this whole administration. My question to you today is, referring back to the health care bill: On pages 58 and 59 of the health care bill it specifically states that the government will have access to our monies -- and that includes, I do believe, our IRA accounts, our 401(k)s, our savings, our checkings. This is in the health care bill. Why is this not being addressed by anyone? RUSH: It was prior to its being passed, but only in places like this show. I specifically remember reading excerpts, pages as we learned of them. You know there were over 2,000 pages in the health care bill..............  The following is Rush's detailed answer from August 4, 2009 -     RUSH: I went back here during the break. That call from Rita. She's reading from page 58, 59 of the health care bill about the government's access to our bank accounts, and she wanted to know why nobody's talking about it -- and I told her everybody did. May I quote from myself, August 4th of 2009? It's just a little over two years ago. Quote: "The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer to pay. Yes, my friends, the federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer, meaning from your account to them. They will be able to debit your account for health expenses. That's on page 59, go get the bill. I'm summarizing here for you. "
This resulted, by the way, in the White House attacking Drudge for reporting certain aspects that were in the health care bill -- and in the process, they call attention to what they didn't want anybody to see. So, again, Rita, I'm really glad you called. It's a golden opportunity to remind people -- and, of course, the tune-in factor here is nuts. There are people listening now that weren't there who are just probably learning this and hearing about it for the first time, because since it did pass there hasn't been nearly as much focus on it, on those kind of details. The focus has been on all the "waivers." What are we up to, over 2500 waivers the regime has granted now to various companies, large and small, who would be out of business if they had to play by Obamacare law right now?  Can't have that before the election! If this thing isn't repealed or if it isn't defunded, after 2012, 2013, 2014, when it really starts to hit, people have no idea. What has happened to this country up to this point is nothing compared to what's in store for us with just this one piece of legislation. Read entire transcript of call..........

Obamacare Gives Government Access to your Bank Account - Liberty and Pride - H.R. 3590 gives the federal government specific access to individual bank accounts and medical records as provided by that individuals health plan. The government may monitor an individuals finances and medical records electronically, for the purposes of determining an individuals eligibility for certain programs under the bill. They may also monitor an individuals finances and medical records to ascertain whether that individual has health insurance and is making regular premium payments to an approved health insurance plan; this will allow the federal government to determine each individuals financial responsibilities with respect to penalties and fees prior to or at the point of care as outlined in the bill. This clause also gives the government the ability to transfer funds electronically to or from an individuals bank account for the purposes of debiting his/her account for fees and penalties.  The stated purpose of this clause is “to reduce the clerical burden on patients, health care providers, and health plans.”  Quick note for those of you who say “the government already had access to our bank accounts.” That’s true, but it was previously required that they obtain a court order to access any individuals personal finances. This bill provides them free reign to do so whenever they please.   Link to original bill provided in this article.    Read more........

Obamacare One Year Later - Why America Needs Full Repeal Now - Heritage Foundation - Higher Premiums: Requiring insurance plans to have certain benefits inevitably raises the cost of providing insurance, which is passed onto policyholders. Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Oregon cited Obamacare for 3.4% of its 17.1% rate increase, while Celtic Insurance Company of Wisconsin and North Carolina said half of its 18% rate jump was because of Obamacare mandates.
Dropped Child-Only Plans: Obamacare’s requirement that insurers who sell child-only plans offer coverage without considering pre-existing conditions had unintended consequences. Insurers in at least 34 states have dropped child-only insurance plans, and 20 states no longer have child-only plans sold in their insurance marketplaces.
Will I Get to Keep My Plan? Despite assurances that health insurance plans wouldn’t change, there have been several reports of confusion and inconsistent rulings regarding the “grandfathering” status for current health plans. The federal government has enormous power to arbitrarily select policies it deems in violation of the law. So far, the Administration has estimated that anywhere from half to 80% of small-employer plans, up to 67% of large-employer plans, and up to 67% of individual plans won’t be grandfathered in by the end of 2013.  Read more........

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