Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jobs and the Economy - #3195 - Do Republican Ideas Lead to Job Growth - American Thinker (2) Obama Debt Outpaces Bush Debt in Less than Half the Time - The Blaze (3) Weekly Initial Jobless Claims Rise 5,000 - Hot Air (4) Team Obama Regulates Goat Herders' Workplaces - Human Events

Democrats say that government can create jobs through borrowing, printing money and spending. They warn that trimming bureaucrats from payrolls will be an economic disaster. Republicans argue that the bigger the government is, the smaller the private sector. The Tea Party prescription: shrink government, lower taxes, decrease regulation, and the economy will rebound through private enterprise. "Facts are hard to argue with," Governor Walker of Wisconsin declared in a Heritage interview earlier this month. In the three years before his election, the Democratic State legislature and Democratic governor presided over the loss of 150,000 jobs. In Walker's first six months in office, Wisconsin added a net of 39,000 jobs, including 14,000 in manufacturing. The remainder were in agriculture, tourism, biotech and medical technology. In June, Walker earned boasting rights that half of the new jobs in the entire country -- a shocking and paltry 19,000 -- were created in his state. In the same month, Democrat Illinois next door lost 7,000 jobs. (For more on Illinois jobs, see this - ed.)  Not only did Wisconsin add private sector jobs, they trimmed government jobs by 3,000. Instead of leading to disaster, 12,500 private jobs were added, leading to the one month total of 9,500 net new jobs.  Read more........ AW: Great article, details the difference between Wisconsin and Illinois, a state with policies that are losing jobs and increasing debt.

Obama Debt Outpaces Bush Debt in Less Than Half the Time - The Blaze The nation’s fiscal house is in utter shambles. For decades, the U.S. has accumulated deficits which have collectively added trillions to the total debt. Currently, the nation is $14.4 trillion in the hole — and the figure is growing.  With both sides of the political aisle debating ways to pare down the country’s mounting debt, it’s likely that the monumental $4 trillion that has already been incurred under President Barack Obama will raise some eyebrows.’s Ed Morrissey has more:  In 31 months of Barack Obama’s presidency, according to the Treasury and CBS News, the US has added $4 trillion to its national debt. That approaches the presidential record set by George W. Bush of $4.9 trillion, but there’s a catch to that. Bush set that record in two terms — in 96 months.  So, with only one-third of the time Bush spent running the nation, Obama has presided over nearly the same sum in debt acquisition. Considering the nation’s fiscal trajectory, this revelation will likely be a factor in both the 2012 campaign and the bi-partisan debt negotiations that precede it.  Read more........

Weekly Initial Jobless Claims Rise 5,000 - Hot Air - The level of weekly initial jobless claims rose slightly this week by 5,000 to 417,000. The change pushed the 4-week average up by almost the same amount to 407,500, thanks also to an upward revision of last week’s report:  In the week ending August 20, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 417,000, an increase of 5,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 412,000. The 4-week moving average was 407,500, an increase of 4,000 from the previous week’s revised average of 403,500.  Read more.......

Team Obama Regulates Goat Herders' Workplaces - How Democrats Create REAL JOBS Thru Regulation - Human Events - The Obama administration is setting new workplace regulations to assist foreign workers who fill goat herding positions in the U.S. , including employee-paid cell phones and comfy beds.  These new special procedures issued by the Labor Department must be followed by employers who want to hire temporary agricultural foreign workers to perform sheep herding or goat herding activities. It describes strict rules for sleeping quarters, lighting, food storage, bathing, laundry, cooking and new rules for the counters where food is prepared.  “A separate sleeping unit shall be provided for each person, except in a family arrangement,” says the rules signed by Jane Oates, assistant secretary for employment and training administration at the Labor Department.  “Such a unit shall include a comfortable bed, cot or bunk, with a clean mattress,” the rules state.  Diane Katz, a research fellow in regulatory policy at The Heritage Foundation, unearthed the policy in the "Federal Register," the massive daily journal of proposed regulations that Washington bureaucrats publish every day.  Under the Obama Administration, the nanny state has imposed 75 new major regulations with annual costs of $38 billion.  Read more......... Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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