Friday, August 5, 2011

ICLEI, Agenda 21 - Private Property Rights -#3139 - Plantation, Florida Quits ICLEI: Tom DeWeese! The Prairie Fire is Spreading Throughout the Nation - Virginia Right

According to Tom DeWeese, Plantation, Florida, a city of about 85,000 persons has quit ICLEI:  The eighth community, Plantation, Florida has just voted to not renew its ICLEI contract. That’s eight communities in eight months, and many more are working to be next. Plantation is added to the growing list that includes Carroll County, MD; Montgomery County, PA; Amador County, CA; Edmond, OK; Las Cruces, NM; Spartanburg, SC; and Albemarle, VA.  I’ll add Plantation to the Wall of Honor! (In fact, I can add Carver, Massachusetts, Garland, TX, Georgetown, TX, Sarasota County, FL and maybe Pinellas County, FL to Tom’s list!) WHO IS NEXT? (Remember, not all of these cities have renounced sustainability!)  Tom DeWeese is fighting a good fight – try to help him if you can. Let’s keep that prairie fire spreading.

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