Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gun Control - #3141 - Gun Groups to Fight New Obama Regulations in Court - The Blaze

Gun rights advocates said yesterday that they would file lawsuits to block implementation of President Obama’s new firearm regulations. But the Department of Justice has circled the wagons in defense of the restrictions, as Attorney General Holder vowed to “vigorously oppose” efforts to overturn them in court. A month ago, we at the Blaze told you about Obama’s upcoming executive orders here. Today, Fox News is reporting that those gun restrictions face legal challenges from the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. These two groups are funding separate lawsuits being brought by two Arizona gun stores.They intend to petition a federal judge to block ATF implementation of the gun regulations. According to an advance copy of the industry group’s lawsuit, gun rights advocates will claim that: “Congress has conferred only limited authority on ATF to require federally-licensed firearms dealers to submit information regarding firearms sales. In this case, ATF’s demand exceeds its authority and is prohibited under federal law.”  Read more.........

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