Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Farms-CDL Licenses for Farm Equipment - #3174 - U.S. Department of Transportation Drops Regulation for Commercial Drivers Licenses for Farm Equipment - Franklin News Post

A proposal to require farmers to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL) to use and transport farm vehicles and equipment has been dropped by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Called "nonsensical" by Fifth District Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Chatham), the DOT, under pressure from legislators and farmers groups, said it will not pursue the requirement. Rep. Hurt has consistently called for scaling back or eliminating many government regulations that confound common sense and hamper growth, and we're glad to see at least one that won't see the light of day.  Onerous regulations are a plague at every level of government. In fact, Gov. Bob McDonnell is tackling the issue and has started a project that will review regulations in all state agencies. Regulations that "don't make common sense or they're overboard" amount to a "hidden tax" on businesses and local governments, he said. The goal is to either modify or eliminate regulations that are unnecessary or simply don't make any sense.  Franklin County has seen its share of problems with some of these regulations. Local building professionals have been complaining for years that some regulations in the building code are far beyond the pale of common sense and needlessly drive up costs for them and consumers. County officials recently got a sour taste of ridiculous state regulations when they went head to head with the Department of Environmental Quality on issues related to the new landfill. One of those issues was the DEQ's definition of a stream, which to that agency is apparently any stream of running water even if it's temporary after a heavy rain. Read more....... AW:  Thanks you Robert Hurt for your work in keeping this regulation from taking effect.  Can anyone in the 5th District imagine that Tom Perriello would  have tried to interfere with the Department of Transportation in protecting our farms and farmers from ridiculous restrictions such as this one.

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