Friday, August 5, 2011

Crisis Pregnancy Centers - #3137 - San Francisco Abortion Proponents Target Crisis Pregnancy Centers - The Blaze

When it comes to legalities, San Francisco is an odd place. First, there was the bizarre, but now defunct, proposed circumcision ban. Now, some of the city’s leaders want to institute a crack-down on crisis pregnancy centers, which they contend are assaulting “women’s reproductive rights.”  San Francisco leaders are coming together to strategically clamp down on what they are calling “one of the most serious threats to reproductive rights today.” This dramatic call sounds like it is more suited to describe a rampantly-spreading disease than is crisis pregnancy centers, which generally counsel woman against having abortions. The Bay Citizen has more:  In a joint press conference with Supervisor Malia Cohen, City Attorney Dennis Herrera said the ”right-wing, politically motivated centers” use false advertisements to target vulnerable populations and can cost women valuable time as they decide whether or not to end a pregnancy…  The two officials both took action against the centers Tuesday: Cohen introduced legislation that would prohibit centers from making misleading statements about the services they provide, while Herrera took the first step toward legal action against a center he accused of doing just that.  Read more........

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