Friday, August 12, 2011

Count Your Blessings - #3160 - If You Think You Have It Hard - Hot Air

If You Think You Have It Hard - Hot Air - With the media filling us with tales of woe and people seemingly convinced that we have it tough, Steven Crowder’s latest video provides a wake-up call, and a reminder of what real hardship is. If you took your troubles and put them in a hat being passed around the room, would you take your own out of the hat to keep or someone else’s? How about Joel Scrivner’s? His story of loss is utterly heartbreaking, but his faith and optimism is a reminder that we do not need to dwell on our losses, but should instead focus on our opportunities and blessings: None of this means that our own problems are less real, or less troublesome. It’s not a contest to see who has it worst in order to tell everyone else to shut up. We all have challenges in our lives, but what matters is how we react to them and whether we let them define us, or we put them in their proper place and define ourselves. Crowder’s point is that we can either keep wallowing in our national sense of loss, or we can do something positive to make sure we don’t experience this again. We are not defeated unless we decide we are.  AW:  Take time to watch this video, it's a reality check we all need, you will be blessed.  Link to book 'The Supernatural You' on Amazon........

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