Sunday, August 7, 2011

Christian Living - #3144 - Do American Churches Benefit Local Communities? - The Blaze

In fulfilling their most basic purpose, churches offer individuals and families the opportunity to join a community in worshipping a higher power. But, the majority of American churches also offer members the chance to reach out to their fellow man. Through missions activities, community outreach and the like, churches often extend themselves into their local surroundings in an attempt to make a positive impact. The question is — how do Americans view church efforts? In July, the Barna Group released a study that found that the majority of Americans believe that churches play a positive role in their communities. In fact, even non-believers, despite rhetoric coming from some prominent thought leaders, are not overly negative about churches. On the whole, 78 percent of Americans believe that the presence of a house of worship has a “very” or “somewhat” positive impact on their local communities. On the flip side, only one in 20 Americans see churches as playing a negative role.  Read more.......

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