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Sustainability - UN Agenda 21 - ICLEI - #3113 - Livability Initiative Draws Ire in Pulaski County - New River (2) Editorial: Is One-World Rule Coming - The Southwest Times (3) New River Sustainable Communities Consortium - Southwest, Virginia (4) VIDEO: Don Casey, The Alliance for Citizens Rights

Hundreds turned out for the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday night to discuss the New River Valley Livability Initiative that at times became charged with emotion, from cheers to jeers to name-calling. The initiative uses a $1 million federal grant to plan for sustainability needs in the New River Valley to develop plans for housing, energy use, cultural heritage, economic and job development. Local governments and groups have banded together for the study, including Pulaski County. "This project is not about bringing the United Nations to the New River Valley," said Kevin Byrd, executive director of the New River Valley Planning District Commission. "This is a very local plan." The project is not about forcing people to live in certain areas, called sustainability hubs, or eroding personal property rights or local government's rights, as thought by some, Byrd said. However, Byrd's words did little to assuage many of those gathered. In a public hearing that lasted more than two hours, 27 people spoke, with six in favor of the initiative, 20 against and one who thanked the board for holding the hearing but did not express an opinion for or against the initiative. In anticipation of a large crowd, the meeting was held in the Pulaski County High School Little Theater instead of the county administration building........Although urged more than once to withdraw support from the initiative, the supervisors took no action for or against the call. An appointment to the NRV Sustainable Communities Consortium was pulled from the agenda until the board could do further research, board of supervisors Chairman Joe Sheffey said.  Read more........  AW: Does this sound familiar, maybe the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission armed with a $999,000 grant from Hud to implement the 1998 Sustainability Accords and the Charlottesville Region Sustainability Implementation Plan.  Please read these two documents.  TJPDC 1998 Sustainability Accords....... - Charlottesville Region Sustainability Implementation Plan.......

Is One-World Rule Coming? - The Southwest Times - J.R. Schrader, Editor - Legislation is passed by governing entities locally, statewide, nationally and globally with little fanfare and little public input.  However, that legislation usually has major, if not gigantic, impact on the lives and livelihoods of all people.  People living in lesser-developed areas, as well as those in cities and towns and on the farm are impacted.  The idea of “it is mine, I’ll do as I like” is a thing of the past and, if the journey forward continues as headed, the individual and community could become mundane and incapable of making individual decisions without governmental interference, intrusion and control.  That is a brief message that Don Casey of “Alliance For Citizens Rights” brings about sustainable development” and “sustainable community.”  Casey addressed about a hundred local and area residents last week during a meeting in Dublin, entitled “Are You Aware of the NRV Livability Initiative?”  Concerned Citizens for Property Rights and the Pulaski County TEA Party presented Casey, from Birmingham, Ala.  Linked to Agenda 21 of the United Nations plan, Casey noted that the UN is not forcing Sustainability Development on the U.S., we voluntarily signed the agreement, he said.  President Obama signed Presidential Executive Order 13575 establishing the White House Rural Council, which provided federal funding for UN Agenda 21-syle programs within the United States.  Agenda 21 has 40 chapters in four categories: social and economic, conservation, strengthening the role of major groups, and means of implementation.  Read entire editoral......... 

Link to New River Sustainable Communities, Consortium......... This document is 39 pages - and is the planned  proposal to be implemented in Pulaski County, Virginia.

Don Casey of The Alliance for Citizens Rights makes an excellent follow up presentation to the recent "Agenda 21" video we had featured by Donna Holt of Campaign for Liberty. Don has been studying this topic for twenty years and dives further into what sustainable communities will look like all across the United States. He covers topics such as vehicle miles traveled, sustainable agriculture, permaculture, and so much more. This really is the next step in an understanding of the wide and dangerous scope of sustainable development under Agenda 21 guidelines. More information can be found about Don and his work at:

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