Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rush Limbaugh - #3052 - Limbaugh Speaks in Joplin, Mo. on July 4, 2011 - The Blaze

Rush Limbaugh - Speaks in Joplin, MO. - July 4, 2011 -Do you know what we’re celebrating today?” Rush Limbaugh asked the electric crowd. “We are celebrating a revolution. We are celebrating the most unique revolution in the history of humanity.”  That’s how Rush began his rousing speech to residents of the tornado-ravaged town of Joplin, MO yesterday. He continued to talk about how America is not a country “chosen” by God but rather “blessed” by God. And, as the blog Reboot Congress describes, he also tackled American exceptionalism:  Rush delivered a message about American Exceptionalism that focused on the uniqueness of our country’s founding 235 years ago. He spoke of the importance of freedom as well as America’s tradition of helping those in need.  In addition to his comments, Rush arranged for a truckload of his new brand of bottled tea, Two If by Tea, to be delivered to the crowd. I tried the rasberry tea and thought it was quite good.

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